When in Rome - Niteclub / Stickies locations

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tango34_UK, Jan 24, 2005.

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  1. I think it might be about time to work out all the different "Stickies" niteclubs we have all been to (and still are!) around all the different locations we have been based at......

    At least this would give us a chance to when visiting, be able to find the local talent.......

    So Ill start it and ask a question, Is there still a Niteclub in Winchester called "red light" and is it still the sh't pit it always was?

    And does anyone remember "Europea" in Berlin, wall to wall pigs and squaddies, with a dance floor that had broken lights under it?
  2. I'll do Bangkok for you, but just list the streets, if ya really want.
    Or to keep it simple just say Pattaya modern day version of Sodom and No'tamorra.
  3. Scabs in Catterick was the best stickies i've been too. Awful sticky carpet, red stripe lager, bags of haggered women and a good fall down the stairs when thrown out by the bouncers.

  4. the good old Big Ben in Soest, flashing lights crap music and more pads wifes than anything!!
  5. The 'Sin bin' in Med hat BATUS, what a place apart from the mass brawls, there was plenty of Canada's finest stinkers to go round, even in my Bn as we were just as ugly.

    The 'Bath Arm's Warminster not a club i know but still a good old squaddie bar :!:
  6. Joannas
    pompeys finest
  7. Once I have a good long list, then it will be time to put it on a web site somewhere, and let users log in and rate them each Thursday, Friday and Saturday night!

    Another one for you....

    For all the RM's out there....

    Sams in Exmouth
  8. Ah,yes. halcyon days indeed. I once copped off with a right dirty litte sort there who wore stockings and suspenders....

    ...under her jeans.

    Nicola, if you ever read this, Geordie O, Dav and I are very sorry for stealing your car and driving it back to camp, where we abandoned it.
  9. 'Stickies' in Amesbury..still one of the most utterly appalling nights out anywhere. :D

    'Cinderellas' in Guildford, regardless of the aspirations of its' owners. :D

    All 'Yates'' winebars - just slightly less minging versions of the above with wipe clean lino.

    Any more....?
  10. Oscars in Longleat near Warminster (became Oscars 2000) sadly closed now I believe.

    Election day sunday - can't wait.
  11. Odin nightclub Arbroath. RM's local haunt, used to be the Waverly.. Stinking carpets which are never clean, sticky seats and wierd women. Could tell ya many a story about that place!!.... fcuking hovel, but good for a laugh! :twisted:
  12. Remember being the unlucky sod that had to expell one RM and his lucky lady from the toilet they were in, she was still wiping her mouth as she left!! :lol: :twisted:
  13. Joanna's in Elgin - need teflon shoes because the carpet is so sticky and sunglasses for all the white socks you see all the Chav/Ned Crabs, from RAF Kinloss/Lossiemouth, wearing.

    PC 69 - Bielefeld. I still have nightmares about the hairy German "women".

    Hollywood - Paderborn/Sennelager. 8O

    And pretty well anywhere down the Lothian Road in Edinburgh - for desperate old birds.
  14. Mic Macs/Time Euro Disco Bergen
  15. Bloody hell Snakes - how old are you?? :D

    (Respect to old timers everywhere!)