When in doubt blame BP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Abdiel, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. Isn't it all done and dusted...the cap is on and the fingers are crossed. Heard the successful news last weekend...seems like the media have only just caught up with the story. Not good news to hear this evening that the tests have been delayed but the experiment seems to have been successful. I'm not sure whether they will be going ahead with their previous plan which wasn't going to come to fruition until some time in August. Regardless of all the condemnation BP have now gone somewhere no other oil company has gone before and there will be lessons learnt. The oil community will now be analysing the practices that have now helped to (hopefully) solve this problem. Glad to see Obama has shut up...!
  2. That will only really happen when the KKK man up and do what they keep threatening to do and just go ahead and slot the ******.

  3. I'll never understand why it isn't known as the Transocean oil disaster, instead of the BP oil disaster. The failed rig was owned, manned and operated entirely by Transocean. All drilling in the Gulf is in American hands and BP simply bought in their expertise and hardware to pursue their drilling licences (Perhaps the experts at Transocean were not all they seemed, perhaps they were products of the failing American schools system) The rig and expertise they bought was supposed to be the very best, the state of the art, they were paying top dollar.

    It's an all American disaster caused by thick dollar hungry American engineers and lax to non-existant government supervision. That's perhaps a bit too close to home for our cousins over the water, but if you're going to sling mud then sling it far.
  4. Hope the new cap fails. I was going to wait another week before buying all the BP shares I can.
  5. [URL="http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-10642556[/URL]

    What do you think our glorious new PM will/should do if this occurs?

    I am with Cernunnos on this. The whole thing is US political expediency. I had high hopes for Obama, really I did. I thought it was ushering in a new era of non confrontationalism. How wrong I was, he appears determined to isolate the US from her closest allies.
  6. If the Yanks hadn´t shot down an innocent passenger jet full of ´arabs´and then cemented their total arrogance with stupidity by giving the ship´s Captain a medal instead of profusely apologising and offering compensation for their mistake,there wouldn´t have been the Lockerbie Bombing in the first place.When will these idiots realise that to every action there´s a reaction,If anyone is guilty It´s America´s arrogance and Gaddafi´s willingness to be the ´Avenger´,not Scotland´s humaneness in letting a puppet whether sick or not out of prison or hospital.

    The scandal about Toyota cars is the same shoite,a few accidents,smear the company and then find out after that stupid American´s don´t know the Brake from the Gas pedal,they did the same with Audi years ago and it still hasn´t recovered on the US market yet;Good job the rednecks don´t know that Audi is owned by VW...................whoooops!Cnuts yes,but calculating cnuts all the same!
  7. If it had been an outfit like Aran Energy they would have gone bust by now and then who would be fixing it? If they took their parent down too then that might have a knock on effect on the Norwegian economy as a whole. Obama should be thanking his lucky stars that it was an outfit with very extensive deep water experience, lots of technical resources, and very deep pockets that had this accident.

  8. The above certainly does not represent anything near the truth. Of course there were elements in BP who wanted the public to believe that. However, the Operator, in this case BP maintains full operational control throughout the operation.
  9. I suspect they will keep going on along this vein until BP is Called Exxon. Whilst the Average American is a great person, their governments are a bunch of protectionist arses that try and screw over friends and enemies alike (although in this case Obama is just screwing friends - viz UK, Poland, Czech Rep, Israel etc). For those of you that doubt me, look what America did regarding the TSR-2, the Jones Act, and their finance industry (Have a look at an IPO Prospectus for stock done outside the US, not one of them won't have "Not for US Clients" scribbled all over the front. I can also point to their pathetic protectionism on the Tanker Contracts (even after Boeing got caught bribing Military personnel) and the Marine One replacement. This BP disaster has reinforced the view in business that American governments make it unwelcome to do business in the United States. "The business of America is Business" - not any more. This will bite them in the arse as they find foreign lenders won't lend.

  10. Simples, Obama hates Britain, (his book has a 17 page rant about us allegedly 'torturing' his father), so Obama is constantly pressing the anti British button in America, He always says 'British Petroleum' - with the emphasis on British, on TV, not 'BP' to try and shore up his abysmal popularity ratings.
  11. The operator is Transocean and always will be. If I take a Taxi, I'm the customer, the operator is the owner of the firm who may or may not be the smelly little bloke driving it. Either way I'm not liable for his insurances and public liabilitiy. If I hire a JCB and driver to dig a hole in my garden to fit my mother in law into, he has to be insured and must work safely. I'm not liable for his mistakes.

    Why is BP liable for Transoceans f*ckup? The crew were all Transocean staff.
  12. It's because BP designed the well (and changed their minds 3 times about its use); BP are the operators of the well; and BP instruct the drilling company (Transocean) on what to do.

    It's akin to BP being OIC of soldiers from another regiment, giving them orders to go into battle, the plan going horribly pear-shaped, and the officer blaming the men.

    But besides all that, there's definitely a lot of jingoism on both sides of the pond about this monumental **** up.
  13. The Amercians were quick to have a go at the British the last time a cap failed on an East Coast gusher - just before Madonna got pregnant. Didn't see shares in Guy Ritchie fall, his films just got shitter.
  14. Like Oyibo, it is an industry I am very familiar with. Trust me, in both legal and the practical "chain of command" BP, as is any Operator, is liable.