When Im King....!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Once_a_Grey...., Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. No, this aint from Wills or Harry. Funny thought, soon they’ll be able to legally register on ARRSE. Wonder what their nicknames will be?

    Anyway, when I’m King….!

    Free beer for all servicemen and women
    Pay rises all round
    Bliar’s head off
    Rest of the New Labour Muppets to the Tower
    All virgins report to me
  2. What makes you think they’re not already here
  3. Which law is it that prevents them doing so now?
  4. Specify man specify, or you'll end up with a load of young confused men at your door.
  5. The clue is in here:

    ARRSE is the British Army's UNOFFICIAL centre of military and civil current affairs, news, discussion, humour, jobs, photos and bullshit.
  6. hehehe. You've got a lot to learn, if you think everyone on here is a squaddy :D
  7. And you appear to be clueless :roll:

    Would the real William and Harry please stand up.
  8. Wah.......surely?
  9. You don't really think that harry is going to register on this site when he reads all the comments about gwas, do you? Let alone all the other parentage-specific posts......... yeah, when I stopped for a moment and thought aboout that it did diminish the smile on my face.... but then I thought, "what the hell, spread a little more love and it will all be right".......
  10. ignore this bit then?

    ARRSE users include serving, ex and future members of the British Army, their family and friends ?
  11. Blow me! Does that mean that Prince Chic and Her Maj are on here too?
  12. I'm Harry! And so's my wife............................. ;)
  13. Be a bit of a dead give away when the site map has Gunners, Sappers, Inf, Royal Family........ can't see them posting in the NAAFI too often...
  14. Anyway, thread specific:
    When I am King, tall people shall be spared, but made to carry heavy things.
  15. Aah! I love people who raise being-a cünt to an art-form, just like everybody else does.
    StabTiffy2B, I hear there's a job going at London Zoo feeding the lions from inside the enclosure. Ever thought of doing everybody a favour and applying?

    I' waart' uuf diinere Retoukursche! :D :D :D