When I was younger I blew sh*t up.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Benzoate, May 30, 2010.

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  1. Dear Arrse People,

    When I was younger say about 12/13 I started playing with compressed gas canisters with sparklers duct taped onto them, these blew up in a impressive fireball. (for that age)

    I wanted something with more bang so I bought some 1" diameter PVC pipe with caps, glue, duct tape, boxes and boxes of whistling sparklers and a couple of of lighters.

    I made two pipe bombs each 1 foot long, one of them filled with this white powder from the tip of the sparkler, this powder made them whistle I think. The other I filled with the same powder but also added about 10 lighter spark wheel things just to see if there was a difference, the fuses were just sparklers pushed a through a hole in the cap and duct taped in place.

    Time to test these I thought to myself as I wondered down the road towards an abandoned house, I jumped over the gate and climbed through the unlocked window, I quickly found the downstairs toilet and taped my pipe bomb (the one without the lighter wheels) under the toilet bowl and lit the fuse. I quickly ran and hid behind the wall... Bang the bomb went off.
    I went into the toilet to check the damage, there was a sizeable chunk of the toilet bowl missing and water all over the floor.

    Next was the upstairs toilet. I ran up the stairs and located the en-suite toilet attached to the master bedroom. (Looked like a crack head had started squatting there) I ignored all of the crap in the room and began.
    I taped the bomb underneath the toilet bowl (the bomb with the lighter wheels) and lit the fuse. Hiding again behind a wall I waited for the bang. This time it was huge at least 5 times louder then before. I ran into the bathroom and was amazed by the damage, it blew the entire bowl apart and the water tower (thing?) the mirror in the bathroom had cracked (even more after I guess the crack head needed something do lines off).

    I decided it was time to go I saw some people down the street so I jumped out of the second floor on the grass and ran out the back garden. Well ever since then I have wondered why on earth did those lighter wheels make such a big difference I only used maybe 3 or 4?

    edited to say: 5 times may be an exaggeration however it was significantly louder.

    [This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events or locales is entirely coincidental.]
  2. The lighter wheels were obviously made of Acme Wile E Coyote issue dynamite.
  3. you are Martin McGuinness and I claim my £5!!!
  4. Go to Afghanistan if you feel the need to continue your pyro fetish, I blew up a market stall in Sangin baazar with an AT4, very satisfying (admittedely I mis-judged the distance to the actual target but satisfying all the same)
  5. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Anyone else remember little solid fuel Jetex engines for model planes? Chap at school with me introduced us to the delights of lighting one of these (without the plane) and leaving it on the floor to skitter around people's feet.

    When I was even younger there was an older boy across the road who used to put those rubber capsules of lighter fuel into small model ships and stage naval battles with them. Quite impressive.

    Don't suppose boys are allowed that sort of fun now.
  6. Holy smoke, Batman! Potassium nitrate (an oxidizing agent) mixed with sugar (a fuel) mixed together makes a special mixture which is called an explosive. Mixing it over an open gas flame is ever so, ever so inadvisable; some of the stupid crap on Youtube.

    You may get saltpetre in the USA, I don't think you'll find it easily availabkle in the UK.
  7. ???
  8. I blew shit up too. Luckily, I lived in the country, and the local hardware store sold saltpetre by the scoop from a vat. The farmers used it it "incapacitate" their bulls. Add in sulpher from railroad flares abandoned on the tracks, charcoal from Dad's barbecue, and pipe from his garage, and BOOOOM!!!
  9. Good luck with your DV fucknuts
  10. If by fucknuts you mean me, then what the hell is a DV, cuntface?
  11. Assuming he meant to type "UK", it's easy to get KNO3 in the United Kingdom.
  12. I once found a box of shotgun cartridges and spent the afternoon throwing them at curbs, trying to get them to go off. Good job I failed now I think about it.
  13. Had an elderly neighbour who showed me how to make LOUD firecrackers by taking 2x 1/4 inch bolts, 1x 1/4 inch nut, and a box of wooden matches. You'd thread the first bolt into the nut, put 4 or 5 matches worth of self-strike powder into the well left in the nut, and screw in the other nut, squeezing the powder between them, and them fire the thing at the ground or a wall like a shuriken. SO LOUD. The problem was, you wanted it louder. More powder means louder. More powder also takes up more space, which translates to increasingly less thread-on-thread. So as the explosion got progressively louder, the whole operation got exponentially more dangerous. The loudest ones had a 1 in 4 or so chance of firing a superfast 1/4x 2-1/2 inch bolt hurtling towards your phiz. Perhaps he was trying to teach me some lesson OTHER than how to be a noisy spaz, now I think about it.....
  14. i once pulled a cracker, does that count ?