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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by NigG, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. Well I'm stuck in dead end job and reconsidering my options at present. The main problem is that I can't find any careers advice for people my age.

    Has anyone recently Re trained or picked up a completely different career? Did you find difficulty moving to a job lacking experience? and how did you cope with drop in salary, etc?

    Any advice or information are very much appreciated.
  2. Somtime in your life you have to make that big decision, the job you want or the job you have got. I made a couple of mega cock ups in my life,joining the police was one,but, after I came to my senses I got into the construction industry, and loved it, only to gave it up because of injury. I think its better to have some job satisfaction , than the better safer more financialy rewarding job. A doctor once told me that stress in the workplace is a major health risk, and that people who have job satisfaction live longer. I didnt go to university/ Polytech untill I was 38 so age is not a drawback, just do it
  3. How did you find a return to uni at that age? Was it tough financially? was there much support?
  4. You haven't said how old you are and, if there's any particulalry area that's flicking your switch.

    I too am thinking of a complete career change, my wife has just about completed her's (Secretary/PA to Midwife) so it's now time for me (I'm 40 btw) Ironically, was only looking at local Undergrad courses this morning on the web.

    As for being tough, try living off one wage, albeit however good, and a student loan while still trying to raise three kids, fund two cars and a mortgage. 8O
  5. I got badly injured in the Falklands and knew I would be on the sick for a couple of years, so I pulled a fast one and conned my way into the Polytechnic of Wales, it changed to the Uni of Glamorgan while I was there, I was initially going to do a HND but got told that if I did enough units I could try for a Degree, as I did not need to do a lot of work in some of the units, Workshop work, use of machines ect, I went for it and did a year foundation course and three years on the degree and got a lot of support from the company, at that time a mature student grant was based on the previous three years earnings so I got a pretty good grant, and as I was still employed by ARC I was still getting paid full sick Pay and as this was payed in Jersey it did not effect my grant.
    ARC got their moneys worth out of me though when I gave evidence for them in the High Court in the case where one of our tractors hit a TR1/U2 at RAF Alconbury, they could not believe in court, that an Asphalt laying Navvy had a degree in Commputer aided engineering
  6. Fair play! If you can do it with that level of reponsibility then I'm damn sure I can.

    To be honest I'm stuggling to make a decision at present and weighing up what sort of training to do to guarantee a long term career whilst figuring in job satisfaction, etc.

    I've been un happy doing office based roles and I don't want to rush into anything because the next move I make is going to require significant investment (time + Money).
  7. Simce I took early retirement at 52 I have been makeing quite a good earner out of my hobbys and interests, like traveling around markets,Agri shows, car boots ect and collecting stuff, I hava a cracking contact with a company in New York who do interior design in Pub,club type things and are always in need of some pretty strange stuff, a recent want was old oil cans, I found a couple of old Great Western Railway ones, and made a killing on that one. Old "Whitworth" Spanners are another good earner, I sell them at steam fares, and I am doing some history research for a writer in New Zealand. Last month I bought some international shipping containers from MOD and sold them to a builder in Wales. All my friends take the pi** as I do a lot of this stuff while sitting in the pub, they call the back bar of the "Old Arcade" in Cardiff my office as I have a couple of friends who get a commission/finders fee, travelling for me as well ,useing mobile phones/cameras/laptops I can run the show from anywhere and its good interesting fun.
  8. Are you a rail enthusiast Trooper? (not in a bad way i am)
  9. Not really ,more traction engines and steam rollers