When I am King, youll be the first against the wall....


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So fellow ARRSERs, we all go on about how we can do it better that that lazy-eye porridge gobbler currently residing at No.10 and we all definitely know that we have more spine that that yellow streaked idiot who lives next door.

So why don't you have a go!!!! Follow the clicky to be the boss and decide on Government spending.

When I am King, you'll be first against the wall..... :arrow:

Happy home making!!! :thumleft:

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Damn my cack work computer. :( Clicky Linky no worky.

However, my first candidate to go in front of the firing squad would be Bob Crow - the obnoxious, fat leader of the RMT. He really does my head in. :x :x :x
Well I slashed the social welfare budget, and released enough cash to raise defence spending sufficient for an extra 500 battalions (it didn't have a "conscription" button, otherwise it'd have been a straight transfer from the dole to the Army...). Family tax didn't rise, and everyone seemed happy. Am I missing something?


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Loads of doleys protesting, pensioners dying, social services closed, but education and prisons doing very well indeed, not to mention the Armed Forces who've just got the biggest increase for 50 years in spending to 50 billion.

Oh, and there's been massive tax cuts too. Funny that.


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Just did it again, but increased spending on courts, prisons, and education started a new arms race. Social services took the brunt - BUT NO TAX INCREASES!
Ok typical female, I spent spent spent. Overseas aid suffered and I still can't get rid of the cheerleader at the train station! :roll:
Concerns over an arms race are simply not justified, on the basis that anyone who's up for an arms race is already going to be in a futile struggle against the US, a doubling of UK defence expenditure is drop in the ocean. GWB dumped double that as a one off payment into USDoD in the month after 911.

Policing & Security and prisons & courts, both up. Transport and Education funding up by 30% - in a decade, everything else ought to take care of itself.

Okay - can those of 'no fixed abode', be registered on the electoral role? If not, the rising numbers of those on the streets does not have a political ramification. Anyway, those whose benefits no longer fulfil their aspirations, in the nicotine, alcohol, satelite TV and hordes of off-spring departments, can either give them up and save the NHS a fortune, or get a job which does - I'm looking for 440,000 new teachers and 35,000 new Pealers for a start, not to mention the doubling of the armed forces. Jobs for all who want them, and skip licking for those who don't...

Taxes are still down by 1%. Bonza.

My only concern on re-reading, is that I'm tempted to insist that those who remain on benefits and are fit for work, get out and help build new motorways. That the arms race concerns, were they justified, could be mitigated by having new kit disguised with cardboard and plywood armour. It's a fine line between where I've ended up and invading Poland...
I'm not convinced by their implications of raising the defence budget. Apparently it automatically leads to an arms race. Ok, with who?

I dropped Social Services, because it's a drain on the economy. It took the brunt, but if there was an option to increase immigration control and routing out tax/benefits cheats, then it wouldn't be a huge loss.

Education up, health up, transport up. Healthy, intelligent and mobile people will lead to a growing industry.

And as Fas says, more teachers and health professionals will be required, and more soldiers.


It appears I'm slightly right of Genghis Khan...
Hands up anyone who DIDN'T raise defence spending through the roof and drop spending on social services.

I even gave a bit extra to the filth; mainly in the hope they will be armed and go on a bit chav cull.
Hmmm. Apparently refusing to spunk billions up the wall on PFI hospitals and get-rich-quick-schemes for IT consultants will lead to us being a sicker nation.

Nope. Better educated people in worthwhile jobs are healthier than sofa-bound dole-ites, needing less money spent on 'em.

And when have useable weapons and equipment been "toys for the boys".

"Sky News - we're tossers and we know it, but we're everywhere so get it up you!"
Sky thingy said:
Cutting environmental spending by this amount is the equivalent of brutally slaughtering 10 million cute rabbits. You Swine.
Don't see the problem here. 10 million dead bunnies = food for the old buggers who no longer have a pension :D

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