When have your mates truly left you in the shit?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Miner, Aug 2, 2012.

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  1. Following on from this thread Pain, real shout out loud pain. When have your mates really left you in the shit? Whether it be to get a bollocking, or left you lying in a ditch with your leg bent the wrong way.

    About 6 years ago my mates and I got in to mountain biking. Now living in S.Wales there are loads of trails to ride up and mountains to throw yourself off on two rubber wheels all of 2" wide.

    So one day we were riding at Glyncorrwg (our first time). Half way up the mountain there is the option of doing a short-ish Black Run, before continuing up the mountain. Fuck it, we'll give it a go we all decide. Bearing in mind we've only been riding about 6 weeks, and previously hadn't ridden any bikes for nearly 15 years when we were kids.

    It all goes smoothly, we bottled most of the big stuff, and the last part is a couple of big sweeping bends with berms that can be ridden up. Everyone else goes slowly and finishes the course. I decide to be Billy Big Bollocks and go at speed. All's well until the last bend, I go in too fast and shoot out like an Exocet with the bike going from underneath me. Cue me binning the bike and landing on the dirt like a sack of spuds. I crumpled into the earth and didn't even bounce. My mates rush over and apart from being winded, the only other thing wrong with me was my right arm wouldn't move.

    "It's probably just bruised. You'll be ok soon" they all chime. Anyway, I couldn't go on. So they give me the keys to the van we came in and tell me to ride the fire track back down to the car park. They're going to carry on and they'll see me in an hour or so's time. Luckily a guy driving a Landy came past on his way down and offered me a lift. So in goes my bike in the back, and mates fuck off. Half way down the track I go into shock. Long story short (if you're still reading that is), an ambulance is called I'm rushed off to hospital, my right shoulder ball joint is in three parts, my right arm has broken off the ball joint (hence why I couldn't move it), I spend a week in hospital, have an operation, and I've now got two metal pins holding my shoulder together.

    To be fair to my mates they didn't know the full extent of my injuries, but sticking me on a bike to ride half way down a mountain with one arm not working was a bit of a cunts trick in my opinion.

    So when have your mates left you in the shit?
  2. When they fail to respond to this question.
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  3. Nothing wrong with being in the shit
  4. How many times have you had some cunts fingers up your arrse at airport security?
  5. For fucks sake they gave you the keys mate! that is being matey what did you want kisses and cuddles...man up the next time you sustain a minor injury, bloody hell i bet you would expect your mates to sit around A&E waiting for your x ray results when the pubs are open. Modern yoof i give up.
  6. Allan (Sniffer) Clarke of Leeds Utd once played the whole 2nd half of an FA cup final with a broken collar bone.

    Fuckin hero.
  7. The cunt's trick was taking the van keys, then going to hospital. I bet you didn't even leave a note saying which hospital you'd gone to.
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  8. I left the vans keys with reception at the riding centre. Couldn't tell them what hospital as I had no idea what one I was going to.
    So nah, nah, na-nah, nah. :p
  9. Think you will find Gerry Byrne,LFC, played for nearly the whole game plus extra time with broken collar bone against Leeds in 1965 Cup Final.Oh,think you were referring to Mick Jones in your post,as well.
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  10. Real mates don't leave you in the shit!
  11. That's even more of a cunt's trick. They phone round the hospitals, find out which one you're at, cycle 20 miles to it, only to be told that they've got to cycle 20 miles back to get the keys. I hope they skiffed your thermometer.
  12. With all due respect I'll see your Mick Jones, and your Gerry Byrne raise, and go all in with Bert Trautman....read 'em & weep
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  13. I am so embarssed. It was indeed Mick Jones. Please forgive me for being a complete twat.
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  14. In 1991 we were on a mission to observe an MSR looking for SCUD's when all of a sudden... Bullets everywhere... Someone's man down... Hi jacked taxi... POW... Sore bum.
  15. Bert Trautmann? I shit him. Jamie Roberts played half an hour of rugby against Australia with a fractured skull, that's hard.
    What was the question again?