When have you done to long to consider transfering,

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Reacher, Nov 30, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,
    Im currently a CPL in the Royal Signals and a few of my friends have re-cap badged to the Int Corp.
    All have said that there job satisfaction has increased 10 fold compared to what life was like back in the corp,, Not a hard task once you have been posted to such places as 3 Div in Bulford !!!
    Ive done 12 years now and have been thinking about a change for a fair while.
    The questions I have are
    1. As a 12 year Cpl have I waited to long to transfer ?
    2. Whats life like in training for people who are transfering ?
    3. With 12 years left by the time I got through training etc id be looking at leaving a Sgt or SSgt .. Am I about right in that assumption ?
    4. Final question for any people who have already gone across from the Corp .. What on average is the time span from having your first RCMO interview to stepping through the gates of Chicksands ?

    Thanks in advance for the help
  2. 1. Never too late to transfer.

    2. Easy, better for someone with rank also.

    3. You're obviously a flyer, so with another 12 years, you could be a WO for sure.

    4. 6 months -1 year.
  3. Cheers for the info mate,

    Were you a transfer or did you join the Int corp straight of the bat ?
  4. 1. Transferred as a 12ish year Sgt 2 years back from R.Sigs, best thing I've done. I certainly don't feel like I waited too long, although I was worried prior to transferring.

    2. Training at Chickers is what you make it. You get mostly treated like an adult, an expectation seemed to be that you would graft and almost act as a filter for the gripes from the squad to the staff. Outside of work your time was very much your own. We organised extra curricular stuff for the guys as we felt that was appropriate for the relationship we had, for you things may be different. I was very lucky to have a cracking course.

    3. Promotion again is what you make it. I know of guys who have had dramas as transferees, I however have no complaints.

    4. 2 months including Christmas leave between RCMO and selection. Then a further month or so before I started my course.

    In conclusion. I waited 6ish years between my first interest and actually walking into the RCMOs office. I personally wish I'd done it sooner.
  5. Who said I was in the corps?
  6. Suggest you get a grasp of English grammer and spelling before you come across.
  7. Grammar and spelling could be important too.
  8. Why is there always one 'clever person' who thinks it appropriate to comment upon posters' grammar? I hold nothing against the INT CORPS but, considering the quoted post I do feel I have to mention the corps' standard of English. I have read countless reports from you guys. Some have been okay but the vast majority have been constructed using the grammar and spelling of a 12 year old child. Yes, you get the message across but you are definitely not on a pedestal as far as your grasp of the English language is concerned.

    I would have thought you would be encouraging NCOs keen on transfer rather than posting condescending comments such as this. There again, I suppose every corps has to have at least one arse.
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  9. Maybe the poor standards you have observed are exactly why eye_spy wants him (or her) to grasp our language before transferring?
    Makes sense, saves on training and all that :)
  10. Reacher ... seriously if you don't like Bulford then the Corps ain't for you.
  11. Was more the signals role in Bulford that destroyed me ... For example it was mentioned on another post on here .. lots of putting up tents weeks before everyone else tips up on exercise, I could go on about whats wrong with the R Sigs but im sure all Cap Badges have there problems !! ...
  12. As for my grammer and spelling I thought I was asking for advice on transfering not submitting an esay ?
  13. You may well have to submit an essay, if asked, before attending an initial interview with an INT CORPS officer.

    Although nowadays, everyone with word processing skills should be able to formulate a well structured report that is also grammatically correct, it would appear that the follow up skills of quality control before releasing such reports with an authorised signature, may be somewhat lacking. Perhaps, and I am now talking as a former member of the Corps, a Corps that I owe my career to, some supervisory management responsibilities may have been abandoned in favour of operational requirements with the Corps ever expanding role.
  14. Mate, I was just being pedantic. You are of course welcome to transfer across to the Corps and encouraged. With 12 years left, you have plenty of time. I went from Pte to WO2 in 13years, so you have a head start and VEng also. Seriously though, there is a lot of competition to get into the Corps so you really need to prepare yourself for it. With out sounding like a school teacher, (And I ain't no graduate) simple mistakes like the difference between there and their, to and too could be the difference between being accepted and rejected. To be honest with you, i probably would struggle to get in nowadays. That said, the Corps is not after graduates. they are after people with an analytical mind, despite their academic background. The rules on qualifications are also relaxed for transferees. If you also have something else to offer the Corps (Mil Skills quals, fluent Pashtu etc) this may also help.

    The job is fantastic, I have never done the same job twice. Good luck.
  15. Thanks for all the feed back gents, dont worry ill brush up on the old england before I come :eek:)