When Enough is Enough

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by DWRguru, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. We have always wondered when enough is enough of the complete BS of cut backs reorganisation and even redunancies.
    Well I for one believe that time has come.
    The Army as a whole is in the process of being decimated and I will no longer sit and watch the very thing that made this county great be destroyed.
    If you feel even slightly the same way please respond...

    We dont want to work when the yanks tell us to
    We want better kit
    The same money as nurses?
    We want to be the British Army and all that implies
    AND we dont want to americanize our way of doing things. (they're useless and NEVER check their fire).
  2. If you can't take a joke.....
  3. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    When the going gets tough...

  4. All pretty much been said before, are you going to do something about it? Or sit on your arrse like every other moaning tw@ before you (me included) What do you suggest? A strike? A coup d'etat? Mass teddy throwing at CGS? How about a NAAFI sit-in?
  5. You forming a union or something? :?
  6. I’m sure we all feel the same, I certainly do, but what exactly do you propose to do about it?
    BLair is in love with America.
    The treasury is only interested in cutting back funding to the forces.
    The government wants to cut back on personnel in the forces and invest in machines (Eurofighter to name but one).
    And what happened the last time the press reported on the lack of kit in Iraq (body armour, desert combats, boots, etc) ?? bugger all, that’s what.
    No one in power is going to do anything about it because they just don’t care.
  7. Well...
    Theres no need to strike (not that anyone could do a damn thing about it if we did).
    No mass AWOL required....

    Just a simple mass PVR request - bare in mind they cant refuse a PVR because we're not officially at war.

    The bark is always worse than the bite - if you go on strike you've lost the power to go further... But a mass application for PVR would scare the living daylights out of the Govt, the press would have a field day because they'd finally have concrete proof of everything we've always been saying.
    You must remember while we're a little island with a big gob - we're only that because of our Prowess of our military.
    Britain would not only be in threat of losing it's forces but it's entire international standing (whats left of it)
  8. I'm interested to see where this is going to go so will let it run.

    Please avoid any seditious talk, we all know that we are watched by the press and there is no need to assist them in their attempts to 'do us over'.

    We cannot strike.

    Whilst we remain HM's Forces, we live in a democracy (or something which at least claims to be looking at the last set of election results) and as such are an arm of the Government, tasked by the Government, and funded by the elected Government.
  9. Am not, never have been a regular.

    Write to your MP, and when someone comes to your unit for some happy snaps ask for permission not to be in shot as you don't wish to be associated etc etc.

    You may not get anywhere but word will get around that all is not well on the morale front.

    Is there a day the services could pick for a demonstration ?. Armistice etc are out, as such have a purpose that shouldn't be messed with. Obviously the ex-services & associations would be taking the lead. Armistice etc are out, as such have a purpose that shouldn't be messed with.

    As requested not preaching sedition, just wondering how to bring things to public attention.
  10. I can’t imagine this leading anywhere.
    The idea of the armed forces going on strike is unthinkable, it will never happen.
    Eventual the government will come to its senses and take steps to reverse the cut backs that have been put in place.
    Until that happens we must crack on and do the best job that we can.
  11. I think the message will get through when we eventually lose an operation/war. Until then we can always dream about new kit and more pay etc.

    Hey ho - life goes on!
  12. I agree with Goku , things have always been like this . We should just crack on how ever right or wrong it is . We are the BRITISH army and we are the best . Look at the yanks , all that Gucci kit and they are lacking on the skill and versitility of us Brits .
  13. I think the days when actions such as the Curragh Mutiny were viable are long gone. Surely in an all-volunteer, professional Army the only option for professionals to take is to PVR - whether en masse or as individuals really doesn't matter a tinker's by the way. If you are serious, you will BTW have to stand by your request and not withdraw it several seconds after Teddy's satisfying thump on the nursery wall has registered.

    If, after all, you don't like the conditions of service, the operational plot, the financial constraints (welcome to the real world by the way) or anything else about the Cake of today - then sign here, de-kit and find a new area of life to moan about. May i mention that the complaints that come out on ARRSE today are the same generic ones which came out in every "right, smoke break, five minutes" or mess ante-room conversation (yes, I know SHOP in the mess) I was privy to from 1979 onwards!
  14. As I said, Strike will never work... but a mass application for PVR will because they cant refuse, but at the same time you can revoke it later - unless it actually comes down to it.
    next January sounds like a good time - start of the new year

    We all know how much money is constantly thrown away, my own father used to work at the MOD at whitehall until recently and had absolutely no idea of what really goes on. He once asked me what all the shouting was about the SA80 as it appeared to be one of the most accurate assualt rifles in the world - I just yes it is, but it needs to fire more than once. The deal to make the A2 version cost us our entire war stock as part of the deal. So if we really did need to call people up - theres no weapons for them.

    This craziness has to stop, how many armies have you ever heard of leasing their vehicles? ours does...
    Yet there are real ways to save vast amounts of cash which they never look at and would not screw up our readiness.
    But basic wages are discusting too, I dont know of many civvies who would actually take our kind of money.
    Theres too much reliance on the professionalism of the Armed Forces when quite frankly we're put in possitions where it's down to us to pull something out of the bag or die.
  15. Yeah we can 'crack on'. But at what point do you say stop - we need kit and we need it now?
    You all know as well as I do how the brass always wants to look good - every time someone comes around to inspect and 'meet the troops' we're told to say everything is rosie... Yet the 9 times out of 10 these people come round to find out if there is anything wrong so they can fix it.
    All of this BS has to stop and our officers especially need to stand up and say 'this is not not good enough'.
    This year sees the worse decimation of the British Army in it's entire history - are you gonna be one of the many whos says, 'yeah, well what could we do? -' and do nothing.
    It's us that protect this nation, it's us that make this country what it is... or are we getting too yellow even for ourselves.