When does the comic part of Comic Relief start?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Victorian_Major, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. Has it come to this? Where in the history of Comic Relief did they cash in the need for comedians and replace it with Z-listers leveraging BBC shite like Fame Academy. It's like watching a long promo for why they think I should pay my licence fee for another year.

    As I didn't pay for a TV licence for ten years I am happily in credit but this is pants. Giving them money tonight would signal approval for this unfunny nonsense. Anyone else voting with their zipped wallet and considering Amnesty International?
  2. About 0305hrs tomorrow, unless Clarkson pulls it out the bag at 2200hrs.
  3. I may not approve of the means but I support the aim. Just because we may think the programme is shoite does not justify refusing to help those depicted in the programme. I phone in as much as I can afford early on and can then, justifiably, switch over and watch something else.
    Some bits are worth watching. The Catherine Tate and Little Britain segments amuse me. YMMV
  4. Oh, and apparently, one of Girls Aloud was commando during the first 5 minutes of this rivetting experience. I had to witness 2 blokes almost lying on the floor in front of the telly trying to look up their skirts. At least the Sugababes had pants on.
  5. You are right. But I do remember it being funny ha ha. Perhaps I have just had a bad day at work. I also felt that donating money for an anti-online grooming charity was a bit odd. That's a Governmental and parental responsibility - not an opportunity to launch another helpline.
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    As the aim of RND is to raise cash for (basically) Africa, and boy do they need it, I just wonder in my cynical way, how much of this money will suddenly become money Gordon the Tosser claims as being spent by the gubment in areas such as Burkino Faso(sp?) i.e. Britain has given £1.50 and I claim all the credit.

    I am not saying people should not give cash to help others - we are in a rich society after all and they ain't - but I detest pollys claiming credit for things they have not done.
  7. wont watch wont contribute either
  8. My donation is going to Threshers its the only way I can cope with this crap, Mrs Rebel and the Rebelettes have decreed it will stay on.

  9. Simple. Move fcuking nearer. It's not rocket science.
  10. £2.50 for a mossie net.

    Bargain, they are about 30 quid at Silvermans.

    Wonder if I can place an order for one with Kate?
  11. I donated a tenner to Antphilip for having his manly chest waxed. I will pay an extra tenner to Combat Stress if I get a copy of it on DVD.

    V-M - check PMs.
  12. It's all bollox.

    Abrogation of responsibility by second rate governments who now depend on the stupid element of society to put in place what is their responsibility.

    Hey ho, at least it will mean a good pay rise for them.
  13. She looks like she is holding her tits up with them, she might give you a freebie. One tit up, one tit down by her waist, merely held up by her knicker elastic.
  14. Might of known that smarmy twat Bliar would get 'face time' on the program.

    He's like doctrine/pentwyn/Chubb.

    Doesn't know when to fuck off when he's not wanted.
  15. Classic!

    Top Gear of the Pops.

    Some beep bop jigga rapper making a load of noise........

    Clarkson in the background 'What the fuck is this shit?'