When does my boyfriend start getting weekends off?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by lauren789, Oct 3, 2010.

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  1. Hi, my boyfriends started basic training today in catterick, i already know that after 6 weeks he gets a weekend leave, but when can he start coming home on weekends?
  2. Sorry love, hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think he's having you on.

    Trainings changed a lot over the past few years, because they're not allowed to make the trainees work at weekends due to EU working hours regulations, so they're allowed to go home at weekends now - however a lot of the young'uns choose not to as they want to bond with their new mates, so they generally go off boozing and on the pull for young Yorkshire fillies in Harrogate, Leeds and Scarborough.
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  3. Afraid that labrat could be right on that, i can remember all the local girls who had cars, parked outside camp on a w/end ready to take the guys into town, they would always ensure that you got back safe and sound though.. you can blame it on the E.U. no way that i wanted to go on the piss/pull up north but the reg's were very clear on doing too much travelling between working hours!!!!!

    Oh by the way myself and labrat are so rude, we forgot to say "Welcome" to Arrse
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  4. Lauren,

    Don't get your hopes up on him coming home that often.

    This doesn't mean he is hanging out of the back of Yorkshire scutters though.

    He will want to bond with his new mates.
    He will be worked hard, and thus may be too tired to make the trip (you don't say how far he'd have to go).
    He may have to work during the weekends to learn his trade, or perhaps prepare for tests. He will want to do well.

    Why not try to arrange a letter a week (both ways); letters are much better than e-mails and phone calls, although try to get e-mails and phones in as much as possible aswell. You can go the full monty on them, with lots of perfume and girly stuff.

    Also remember to give him all the support you can, even if he does disapoint you by not being home every weekend!!! He is going to go through the hardest/most profoundly moving period of his life, and your support will help him, and your relationship.

    Just look forward to seeing him passing out in his smarts and getting weak at the knees :p And don't laugh at him marching about when he comes home on leave, and begining to treat his former associates with disdain.

    If you are going to do this long term get used to him being away for long periods of time... it goes with the territory of being a soldiers significant other.

    Good luck, to both of you.
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  5. recruits are not allowed to leave camp untill week 6 when their parents come for day and sign them out for a long weekend.
  6. thanks, that what i thought :)
  7. Forget him love, he's banging some catterick camp follower and as | remember there were at least 100 of them. If he does come home make sure you use protection as he will probably be on his 2nd dose by now.
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  8. I like this tread.
    So many new people have come to share their problems and seek advice from the arrse experience.
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  9. Should @lauren or @Katie Lou need any 'personal guidance', I am of course here to help.
    Photographs to establish identity will be required.
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  10. The story of thousands before you, only matched in volume by the number of young lads getting their first 'Dear John' within months of joining along the lines of, "it's not you, it's me" ^~
  11. try rearparty for support rather than this part of the site
  12. Holy thread revival. 6.5 years, go ARRSE!!
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  13. If he's not been back for the weekend yet, then he's not coming back
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  14. And he might not even be in the Army...
  15. Will he not be balls deep in some maiden?

    Just asking