When does a tour become a posting?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by archron, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I'm currently based In Germany and have been warned off that Im going to Canada for at least 8 months on detatchment. Due to it not being a tour I've been told I'll receive no R&R and my wife back in germany will recieve no extras that would normaly be granted whilst on a 6 month tour (Flights,Etc.)
    This leads me to wander what is the armys time limit on a tour and when does it become a posting?
  2. Its not a tour, it's a detachment.

    Is this intended as a moan? It looks that way. You'll change your tune when you get there.

    Don't know exactly what the extra pay you will receive but many are on about an extra £20 - £25 a day. Many things are cheap across there as well - UnderArmour, North Face etc.
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    But you will still have your leave entitlement, yes? You can walk out? Bit different from a tour then.

    I accept I be annoyed to at the "at least" comment. Can you not get the CoC to nail it down a bit?
  4. No moan intended, as I've served in Canada before and am fully aware of all the perks out there. I was just wandering Is there a set time limit in which tours/detachments become postings?
  5. Yes there is; a Temporary Assignment is one that lasts for 182 days or less, anything 183 days or more is classed as a Permanent Assignment and your allowances are based on this. (Op tours are of course different)
  6. Nope. You are on a posting to your unit, but you are being detached to another unit for 8 months. It is technically possible you could be detached to another unit for your ENTIRE posting.
  7. Froggie, if you are an administrator, do you read the the JSPs....?
  8. i'm inclined to agree with froggie on this a friend of mine is at the d&m school, as he is detatched he still retains LOA and MUSA. He has been there for 2 years
  9. FFS read the regulations! Any Assignment over 183 days is classed as a Permanent Assignment. Your friend is talking bo**ocks as MUSA does not exist anymore but he could have retained family LOA if he had made a case for his family to stay overseas.
  10. I'd agree with you there Paymaster for attachments that go international.

    But I know several attachments that have gone on for years, within a specific country. ie UK or BFG.

    I'm not an "Administrator" is that new speak for a "Clk" or "Ink"?
  11. sorry paymaster but we did his admin, he was entitled.

    sorry he gets LSSA not MUSA
  12. so with 8 month being about 240 days and a perminant assignment being 183 days would this make it possible for me to take my family with me, if not what will I be eligable for if anything?
  13. Bi polar I've just dealt with 2 RAC NCOs in this very same circumstance they had to pay back all the LOA after the 182 day time limit. Check with the SPS branch of 51Bde. The rule is clear @ the 183 day pt the Assignment becomes permanent and he looses entitlement. If you are in Germany have a word with the SCOTS DG RAO team.
  14. are you there now?
  15. No, I was dealing with the NCOs they realised that they had to make this pay correction to (correctly). Please double check or your friend @ the D&M school is going to owe back a lot of money.