When do you wear para wings?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sarge_massage_my_passage, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. One of the other threads, "Wings on rank slides", got me thinking about something my old C.O. told me.

    He said that he had passed P company and completed the jumps, but didn't wear his para wings because he'd never served with an airbourne/air assault unit, or a unit belonging to an air assault brigade.

    I always thought once you'd earned the wings they were yours to show off.

    Is the C.O. a para walt?
  2. The old rule was lightbulb if not serving or have served in an airborne unit,
    wings if you are/have.
    Wings for all at the moment i think.
  3. No.

    If you complete the jumps course but DO NOT serve in an airborne role then you should be awarded the "light bulb". In essence it is a parachute shaped sew on badge worn on the right forearm of a wooly pully or No 2 dress / No 1s.

    With the demise of the wooly pully jumper and the general "larging" it up culture, most if not all, successful recipients opt for the wings.

    The wings and light bulb can be worn in perpetuity.
  4. Is that the ruling? No requirement for P Company?

    (I know of A Tp, 11 Regt. that wear the wings but are not required to complete P Company).
  5. So para wings are the preferred badge of the walt then?
  6. You do not have to complete P Coy in the first instance to then go and do BPC and wear wings.

    Different roles require certain trades to be able to parachute but not be overly adept at tabbing.

    I take it you are on about those mad ATO type chaps that may need to parachute onto a ship?
  7. There's no requirement for P Coy if you've already completed an arduous course - hills on selection, AACC, etc. Or if there's a special requirement - sub rescue divers - can't remember exact title, some EOD bods, doctors etc. This has been done to death, there was a full thread on this not long ago.
  8. The light bulb is awarded to those (very few) who do the jumps course, but have not passed an "arduous" pre-para course (read, P-Company, Lympston, or Hereford). the army has made it almost impossible for this to happen. One or two of us are slipping through the net (via the Royal Navy it has to be said!) I will not be wearing either badge on completion.
  9. But when do you actually utilise the qual? Seems a bit pointless to be honest and those that wear wings obviously need the ego massage.
  10. Definitely, although being overweight and a member of a uniformed youth organisation does help.

    Having a 14 year old male impaled on your penis however whilst wearing a maroon lid is overstepping the mark.

    Paedophile walting is a joyful thing and should be encouraged purely as a bullying tool.
  11. See the hormones are flowing again then!! :D
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