When do you know you have made it?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Driller521, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. Remembering my first unit, an old Plant Op Corporal stood watching me sweeping the plant yard one Friday afternoon, he said “Spr Mo you know you have made it in the Army when you don’t have to sweep up on a Friday”. His words stuck with me when as a SSgt I was still wielding a broom before knocking off on Friday. It being Friday and although I’m a civi with a grand job title of consultant why oh why do I still find the broom in my hands? I will have to measure success in life some other way.
  2. Some people were born to sweep, others to watch :):):)

    I was going to say "You know you've made it in the Army when you sign off!", but you have already signed off so seemed a bit pointless. For me I think it was when I finally made it into the Mess.
  3. You know you've made it when nobody in the organisation knows what it is you do, and they're all afraid to ask. :D
  4. I left the Army after 8 years as a Sapper. But, I feel in a way I benefited more from the Army than alot of people. I left the Army with a sense of direction - I knew what I want to be and how to get there. I know a lot of people who, coming towards the end of their 22 still had no clue as to what they wanted to do when they got out.

  5. When your pension's bigger than the GDP.

    But maybe that's a target too high...
  6. When you can resign on principle, without worrying about it.
  7. When it all falls apart and you realise you are the only one to put it back together again