when do you get your kit??

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by private---pile, Jul 4, 2008.

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  1. hi just wondering how long we have to stay in the same civvy's until we get issued kit. my mate who rejoined with me after leaving, said that no-one wants it because you then have to iron the ******* things!
  2. im going catterick if that helps?
  3. Your TA or Reg?

    Also have they taken your sizes and measure you up? They did this after selection on the selection weekend before we went back with us...
  4. were regulars they didnt take any measurements?
  5. If your reg... I dunno for sure but I would imagine probably not too long before you begin your training. They will probably do it all in one go. Sizing then fitting. You might get it sooner than we did in the TA as you`ll be on base.

    I would guess when you goto Catterick to begin your training....
  6. I think its in the first week.
  7. ok cheers fellas
  8. In Pirbright you get measured on your first day and then get all your kit issued the next day, would imagine its pretty similar in Catterick!