when do i learn to drive?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by signals, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. im joining the signals, but i was wondeing do i get taught to drive at the end of my phase 2, because thats what ive read i was just thinking if there any exceptions? thanks a lot
  2. When you are 17 years old.
  3. End of phase two usually. Its loads of fun driving in the army. Honest. Its not a miserable experience in any way. Bright overalls, instructors who are CERTAINLY not earning 20 quid an hour, and the anger that says they wish they were. If your really bad, you get sent to G Section with the mongs. That is LETHAL. Missed it by the skin of my teeth. Have fun though.
  4. Eh???
  5. At Leaconfield thats what its called anyway? Depends where you learn I spose....
  6. Leconfield, I am familiar with the place, I just couldn't understand the 'G Sect with the mongs' comment.
  7. Oh well done. A spelling error. Never gets boring hey? When we did our driving test a couple of years ago, those who really struggled got put in a group called G-Section, which was one on one learning, taking it really s-l-o-w-l-y till they were demons behind the wheel.

    Might not be the same now I spose. Unless you were in G section and they didnt tell you why? :D

    (I came VERY close to being part of the G team myself!)
  8. A very long time since I went through good old DTW at DST. When I did my Phase 2 there were not so many 'On-Road.' Sections.
    (Nine I believe now?)

    I just wondered what the reference to mongs & G Sect was about, that is now cyrstal clear.

    I'm actually surprised that there aren't more sections set aside for training mongs!!

    Edited by W.O.T.W.S. (Still hung-over.) :D
  9. Things went a little off thread there. In reply to your question, I believe that most trades within your Corps obtain at least a Cat B (Car) licence. This will most likely be the final part of your Phase 2 Trg.
  10. now thats answered, can someone shed some light on when i will be taught to drive, in basic training for the infantry?? joining 4 scots....
  11. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Unless their is a requirement for you to drive as part of your duties then it is up to you to learn.

    The Army does not teach all 12,000 recruits per year to drive.

    If you are infantry then the basic rule is walk unless your job is driver.

    If you are a medic them the basic rule is walk and bandage unless you are driver.

    I have even met a guy with a tracked licence (TANKS) who had never driven a car.

    I suggest you ask you AFCO for the truth in plain terms.
  12. im pretty sure the cpl's on selection mention that i learn to drive for the infantry... maybe not tho, guess il ask when i down at the careers office next.

  13. In the R Sigs - you will learn at Blandford as part of your phase two course - if you have already done your theory test then you might get on driving before you're course, if you have time. If not, you'll do it when you finish trade training.
  14. In the Gunners its during your Phase 2 training at Larkhill if you required to drive as part of your trade
  15. join the RMP instead and get your license during basic training :thumright: