When do i get my regs beret?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by tochy01, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Will i only get my maroon beret when ive passed P-coy? Someone told me you get your reg bertr after about 6weeks of phase 1 is this true?
  2. WAH? Paras, Marines are different - you get the beret for passing the qualification course. I would get a maroon beret, admittedly with a Jimmy, if I passed P-coy and my BPC, or a green one if I passed AACC.

    I believe you get a inf beret with the para regt badge to start with.

    Airborne to assist / correct?
  3. Maroon lid with green flash behind the cap badge after 6 weeks. If you pass P Coy, the green flash is removed.
  4. Thanks for the info.
  5. you will get your beret once it is earned----not before
  6. So what about the soldiers, men and women, in 16AA wearing Maroon lids that haven't done P Coy?

    At depot they wear Maroon lids with a green flash behind the cap badge after the first 6 weeks. The green flash is removed on passing P Company. I know somebody at Depot PARA right now with P Coy in a week or two.
  7. The Maroon beret was worn by glider units and adopted by soldiers who served with them. When you pass P-coy the removal of the green backing on the beret and the wings (after jumps course) you receive are the recognition that you passed the parachutist course. In most units now people are not allowed to wear the maroon beret even if you are a Military Parachutist. You will usually only see people wearing them if they are attached to 16 AA or are actually Parachute Regiment.

    Listen to El_burno as he has given you a clear and accurate answer.
  8. right to clear this one up, para recruits get to wear the maroon lid after 6weeks with the green backing to show they havent pass p coy and havent earnt the right to wear it. Once p coy is pass you take the backing off. Ref 16aa most of those hat cnuts havent even tried p coy yet they all get the lid male or female, to feel like they are part of the team!! In my eyes it degrades the value of my maroon beret and just takes the pi*s. So if you want a maroon lid do 12 weeks learning how to drive a daf and get posted to 13 reg! Oh and to finish my rant, the necky fcukers go out gobbing off there "paratroopers" please behave! je*us i should be doing something better than this on my leave :twisted:
  9. So i take it if you are unfortunate enough to be posted to 16AA you can tell them to poke their shite pink beret and retain your own corps one, can you fcuk you wear what you are told no questions so they are not Hats just people posted in to fill slots.

    This really grips my shite i take it all paras only do the course to wear a coloured beret and get a Para smock then !!!
  10. It's only a hat....albeit a nice colour. I think you'll find 5 SCOTS prefer their bonnets. I think you'll also find it was probably a PARA brigade commander who insisted on it in the first place so he obviously wasn't too concerned and almost certainly has significantly more time in than you, crow.
  11. onActually jock cnut. There has been rumours of the brigade commander, reverting it to how it used to be in the airborne brigade. Where you have to EARN the right to wear it, not just getting fcuking posted! Whats the point in doing a course to earn the beret when you can just get given it? Keeffy you can wear what you want darling, my point is only persons who are para qualified should wear the lid to show that. paras do the course to be fcuking paras no other reason, (not just p coy the whole depot) it GRIPS my shit when walt cnuts like you feel the need to run around with your paratrooper t-shirts on, stupid hat!
  12. You do P Coy to earn your wings not your maroon beret.

    If you were actually in Para Regt you would know that.

  13. Oi fcukwit, perhaps if your head wasn't up your arrse you'd notice that Para Regt Band ALL wear maroon lids, but how many have wings? Kind of makes what you've written seem.... well, bollox!

    Oh, by the way Royal Marines bandies all wear the blue lid with red bit behind the badge unless they've done the commando course.

    Commandos earn berets, paras bods at 16 AA bde just get them issued - get over it and enjoy your leave!

  14. I agree with you although noone else does, probably not in this brigade. Maroon berets used to be and still should be earnt through P-coy. It also means you are then eligible to do yor BPC. Maroon should be earnt not issued
  15. Correctamundo. Chaundler in about 86/87 I think it was. I know this because I was in the bar when he came round all units and explained why this was going to happen.