When do I disobey an order?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Stoat_10, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. Ok, in summary:
    Ex Reg Infantry. 12 yrs. NCO.
    Joined local TA Sigs unit. Obviously start as Signaller - No sweat.
    First drill night as 'Badged' Signaller miss last parade due to Tp Comd's interview. Out of courtesy, informed the Ssgt who took parade (remember I'm new here).

    This individual orders me to hit myself over the head with his paperwork. Not wanting to rock the boat, sound like a barrack room lawyer, while half thinking he's joking and because I know he's unaware of my previous...I hit myself over the head as ordered.

    Get home. realise what I've done. I want to go in next week, and after parade whisper to this SNCO that if he suggests / orders me to do something similiar again, I'll ram said paper up his egotistical, unethical ******** - and bugger the consequences.


  2. I cannot believe you mate...how can you humiliate yourself....he is probably a plumber/ bricky etc.. and has probably never been in the regs .......any ex-nco surely when he/she joins the TA thay keep rank or even get next rank..

    I would never let some remf do that to me..especially as you say 12 years service
  3. should have twatted him with it
  4. TA sigs........what are they dentists,,,beauticians..librarians etc...
  5. Oh, I'm getting some rank back, but these things never happen immediately.

    And I know I humiliated myself more than he ever could, that's why I'm so bloody mad. Thing is, I was a good NCO (and modest), and 12 years of obeying sensible, decent orders kicked in before my brain did.

    When I think of what I've done, and with whom - and this clown does that... I'd think twice of doing it to a recruit (and I had the option).
  6. I think you should murder him to death on parade infront of every one. Then you can shout "Any one else going to order me to hit myself over the head!?"... Very few people will after that.

    T C
  7. Good to see the stab sigs are as **** and idiotic as the regs
  8. As you can tell im not a big fan of TA.. and im not being ignorant here ...but could you have not said I want my old reg rank or next rank begfore I join as I have far more experience than most of the others playing soldiers....

    why dont you join Ta inf imsure they would love you expertise gained in the REGs
  9. Too late to act now as its done. But keep that incident in your head, be ready for him next time, wait for him to slip up then put the ****. in his place!
  10. Tried that. However, I left Regs 6 years ago, which obviously means I've forgotten everything, so the wait will no doubt be beneficial...(!)

    As for the Inf, don't get me started...My own bloody capbadge, and I get this obese Csgt waxing lyrical about "having to pass all the tests" - I'd love to race him on a Two Miler - and what really f**ked me off, I spent two hours in their drill hall, an HQ location as well, and not one bright spark offered to show me around, tell me what they were up to, nothing. Just left in a corner with some old Soldier mags.

    Funny thing is, I knew the incoming RSM, and he'd of gone ape had he known. Not even offered a f**king brew.

    "We're all one Regimental family" my arse.
  11. Numbers added by me, in bold
    [1] Why are you on this board?
    [2] Yes, you are
    [3] It's not always a case of "I want", people often step down in rank
    [4] How can you tell that?
  12. Well that is very unusual, i must say. Unless a soldier has been out between 3-5 years there are dispensations for regs to regain their former, or higher rank.

    As for humiliation, i don't know. Is his Staffie an ex reg and said it as a joke? Or even TA, (many TA bods are technically trained to a higher standard in civvie street because their firms can afford the kit) and trying to make a point, im a STAB your an ARAB, i'm in charge now. Either way, i am proud that he turned round and on the QT stated his point. I well remember the days of the NCO\SNCO saying come and have a talk!!!!

  13. Because I was passing in the forums and the heading attracted my attention... and having read said post...I wanted to put some imput in thats how I ended up on this board...Have worked with TA as long as they get their dosh why get up at stand to and play......

  14. You are being ignorant; I'd bet you have about a years service, and it shows.

    How could you tell how much experience the Scalies have? Can you tell just by looking? How do you know they are not all ex-Reg?
    Would you feel happy, say as a TA Scalie who has put in 15 years to get where they are now, to see a new bloke walk stright into a rank higher than yours?

    Loss of rank is customary.
  15. This is bullying, pure and simple; it is not tolerated in the TA. Illegal orders should not be obeyed.

    Raise it subtly with the SSM...