When did you serve?

When did you join?

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Damn.....I JOINED in 80's - and was still serving in 2000's...which button do I tick ? :scratch:

I signed the dotted line in Sept ‘79, and am still serving, does he want which decades served or which decade joined?
Block of salt fowarded from Eboracum.
Promise lots, give less. sounds familiar?

A management technique persisting from the Legions of Rome to be adopted byy some of the managers in the armies of today


Glasgow? You do know Glasgow is only about 30 years old, and prior, your records were in Chester, Leicester, Taunton, York or Ashton Under Lyne? And maybe one other, depending whether or not the five Records Offices included officers (Ashton). But it's over 30 years ago and, well, who gives one?

Go back before the RAPC Computer Centre, and there were dozens of the buggers.
At least the light blue mafia had only 2, Innsworth , near Gloucester, for non-commissioned and somewhere in London for officers.


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Read the question in post #1 and the poll title. It’s really very simple - when did you Join?
1982 - bit before you were born


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For all the little snide comments NINETY SIX of you imbeciles couldn’t resist a pointless poll.

....and you are so fascinated you spent 25 minutes online checking back......

That's nice.
I've just had roast beef with Horseradish.
Noms........hopefully a robust red to go with ? :)

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