When did you realise you were old?

When did you realise you were old?

  • When you started to listen to radio 4

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  • When Coppers started to look like schoolkids

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  • When you start saying "I remember in my day when......."?

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  • When your todger stopped watching you shave on a morning?

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With me it was the other day when in my local watering hole, four young strumpets sat at the bar philosophising about the meaning of life. Their conversation inevitably wandered to the recent demise of an anaemic a merkin kiddy-fiddler, when one said "well yes, but he was knocking on a bit wasn't he?".

FFS he was 51, four years younger than me! I felt like slappin' the feckin munter.
The day I realised me life was over, was the morning I looked in me shaving mirror and saw me old dad looking out.
When my son asked what life was like when I was a little boy in the olden days!

I know I'm getting old when its a real farkig chore to clear out all the grey pubic hair from the bung holes of me bath..... and then clear out another nest of grey pubes from the overflow hole.... Then chuck 'em down the Khazi...forget about it... when going back for a dump thinking that a ferkig great Spider has crept up the U-bend..... :oops:

What a releif to know its only me grey pubes after a 6 monthly scrape out of the bung holes.... :wink: :roll:
8) I realised I was old when I had more hair in my ears than on my head, but what clinched it was hearing a David Whitfield song and knowing all the words :oops:
I took the child into town today to get another Build a Bear thingy in Victoria Square. Lots of young girls handing out flyers for nightclub events/parties. Not one girl gave me a flyer or approached me.
When watching a documentary on the 'History Channel' - thinking I remember that.
When my daughter says "this song is brilliant" - and as it's a re-mix, and she goes of in the huff as I know the words.
My Grandkids informed me that I was old..

grandson [age 7 ] was looking at a picture of me on the wall.. I'm all dark haired and thin and handsome and he says; ' Who's that Grampa?" " That's me" says I..
" Gee, Grampa, you used to be a guy! "
My Grandaughter [ age 5 ] was more direct. Introduced me to her friend.
" This is my Grampa...he's old "

I knew the day was coming though... used to be I'd see young women on the street and make a move and get a smile or a wink...now they either break out laughing or run away screaming.


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when my dad was slagging off my younger sisters choice of other half for doing all the things I'd have done when I was younger, and agreeing with everything my dad said. :(


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When I went out clubbing one night and was thinking to myself could that skirt get any shorter and thinking that they must be f*cking freezing. That was me 13 years ago....lol
When holding open a door for a rather attractive 20-21yr old Septic college girl and she replied "Thank-you, Sir." I was about 31 at the time. :(

My only consolation was that it happened on the same campus as it did to Norman Schwartzkopf back in the day... and he was about 26. (Both of us in civvies and no, it wasn't at West Point where even the commandant's cat gets saluted. You'll find out where if you read his autobiography.)
I'm not even old yet however I keep getting told I look like my dad, sound like my dad and have the same habits as my dad. I work with people who worked with my dad in the 80's and 90's who say I even work the same.

Its starting to get me nervous if I'm honest as he's old! :D
6 Year old grand-daughter: "But all Grandparents are old - Carl's mum is the youngest - she's fifty!"

Hang on. brat! I'm 46!

(Names changed for Persec)
Friday, was out for a mates birthday and he said a Rockape was joining us who "got blown up in the Gulf", I thought, strange, didnt think the apes were anywhere near the fighting. Anyway, as I started to crack on with him it all became clear - I was GW1, he was GW2 and as he politely told me, was still in school when I first went overseas.

I felt old.

Anyway, I think he was a walt.
Quite the opposite I did have to do Top Cover in the back of a warrior on the way back from an admin run into Kuwait with a TA C/SGT who joined the army about 8 years before I was born. Oh how he never saw the funny side when he told the vehicle commander to stop short of a junction and the reply was "Why? Have you got to change your p1ss bag already?"

We eventually got him to laugh when we found some grey hair by the commanders seat and we asked whether he had been in their re living his time in North Africa with Monty!

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