When Did We Declare War on Spain??



See the 'Bootnecks' have done it again!! Invaded Spain by mistake of course, they were aiming for Gibratar!! ;D
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
And how i larfed!!
i'm surprised they didn't surrender while they were there!! ;D
Someone's got a bit of explaining to do. :D


I hear the 'crabs' are now en route to set up a 'Rapier Det', just in case Spanish speaking 'Fighter Pilots' arrive!!  ;D
They were just practicing for the full-scale invasion of France!!  ;)

Gentlemen.....Confusion to the French!  :-*
The PARA's would have only ended up shooting Tourists driving past. They're good at it thou.

As for the Illustrious formidable froce what is the RM.
:D :D :D :D :D  LMFAO  :D :D :D :D :D

Obviously their Mil Intel source will get a pasting, as for the RODNEY who Done the map reading (was probabaly using his Colouring book at the time)

*********Helpful Map Reading Tips No1**********

GIBRALTER IS THE BIG FURKING ROCK at the BOTTOM OF SPAIN. u cant miss it, looks Big and ROCKISH & full of RAF REGT

If in doubt ask a nice Friendly POLICEMAN for directions


Mind you, I bet the 2 'Spic polis' on the beach had to go off for a bit of a 'lie down' after the 'Booties' left. Wouldn't have minded being a fly on the wall in their control room when the radio reports began to arrive!!!  ;D
;D Plonkers.  I know just the beach they were meaning to hit....it's just in a neck of land off to one side of the flippin' runway - wot sticks out to sea in a BIG way. I seem to remember there's even a bunch of little orange floats marking the border just off the beach.......but then, who hasn't been in a map reading sanfu ?

[Edited to add humility]
How hard can it be?

If they were really confused they only had to look at their cap badges. It says Gibraltar on it!! :p

We will enjoy dining out on this one.


PS - Any more booties want free wings?
No point anyone trying to pin this one on officers' map reading.  The guilty party is likely to have been an NCO coxswain of the LC variety.  Lots of "I'm in charge while we're at sea".  And it was daylight!


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Know the young officer 'responsible' for the mishap and indeed he claims it was the coxwain's fault. However this won't stop all of us extracting the urine for a considerable period of time... ;D
But with Afghanistan being totally land-locked there shouldn't be the same problem as there is no coastline to loose.
I think those light blue bretheren on this web site, teeney weeny (Tweenies?) and crab variety should be careful about being rude about navagational errors.  From the numerous flights I have had on the mainland and over in the emerald armpit they seem to use motorways to navigate and going "international" happens rather more often than people would care to admit.  As for the number of times I have been dropped in the wrong place, often aggravated by it being the middle of a bog, door gunner and pilot laughing at the grunts impromptu sub aqua excursion, I have lost count.

Suggestion for another thread - The number of times grunts have been let down by the light blue - having said that, when they do get it right it is a lot better than walking so I don't want to be too rude, except about the crabs of course when too rude means not rude enough...........................and I always felt guilty when the tall and thick ECM Man bent the door frames of the Lynx when debussing.

Perhaps we could have another thread of AAC stories of what the grunts managed to get up to as a way of redressing the balance.

In my Bn we had a Lt who first switched on his firefly (white light) at night when a lynx was coming in on PNG and secondly when the door gunner opened the door he lept out (ala TA Maj over Thetford), luckily the Lynx was only 10ft up not 500 so he just looked the complete fool that he was, lying on his back on his bergen like a stranded turtle - with a dazed and suprised expression on his face.  The door gunner laughed so much I think he wet himself.  Needless to say the Lt has transferred to the AGC (SPS), I feel sorry for the unit that has him as their RAO.


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Randy, How did you guess?!? I expect he's going to try and redeem himself by some irrefutable act of bravery. The question is, of course, whether the marines will notice that Afghanistan is a land-locked country.

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