when did the signals forum become so arrse?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by hairy_arrse04, Feb 16, 2008.

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  1. Haven't been on this site for a couple of years now, when did the signals threads become so damn boring? what happened to the glory days when everyone used to slag one another off?

    Come on gents, if our corps can't pi$$ and moan whilst trying to stick knives in each others backs then we can't really claim to be members of the illustrious Royal Corps!! :twisted:
  2. When you post :twisted:
  3. Maybe we've moved onto other means? We'll the grown ups.

    Is Eng vrs Tech debates can only go on for so long
  4. You're all ****'s.
  8. Please accept +1 internets as an apology: +1
  9. No probs :wink:
  10. Wow.....er how much is an internet?
  12. You must be old. :wink:
    About the same as a bag of scampi fries.
  13. Er....back in my day you could get bus into town, have a big fry up in the cafe and then watch the matinee showing at the pictures. And get sixpence change from an internet. :D
  14. Back in your day there weren't such things as the bus/matinee/sixpence. Replace these modernisms with two feet/mammoth baiting and florin if you so would old ancient one.

  15. You cut me deep shrek! :cry: