When did the Op Telic rosette stop?


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As per title - I've got the Herrick 10 ribbon with rosette, and was looking for a replacement as the rosette has popped off and vanished, and whilst looking around I noticed there were Telic ones with the rosette.

When did they stop issuing them and revert just to plain ribbon? Am I right in thinking these were only issued for Op Telic 1?


Yup. Rosette on ribbon only, to indicate the clasp worn on the full size when issued. I can’t remember the exact criteria for the clasp, but Telic 1 pretty much sums it up.
Other than the South Atlantic Medal and OSM Sierra Leone (Op Barras only) where the Rosette is worn on the ribbon that the medal is suspended from all other Rosettes are only worn on the bit of ribbon stitched to you tunic and denotes that the medal that ribbon represents has a clasp or second award bar with the exception of NATO Medals(but not all of them) and UN Medals where numerals are used to indicate more than one tour, clear as mud isn’t it

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