When did the 1st Officer become the XO?

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by trackbasher, Feb 14, 2012.

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  1. Apologies if this Q is a bit bone.......I've noticed recently when watching docs about the RN that the 1st Officer "No. 1" is now referred to in what appears to be the USN style i.e. as the "Executive Officer or XO"......why??
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  2. 1st Officer? Never heard of him. Do you mean 1st Lieutenant?
  3. Its first lieutenant, referred to by all onboard as the executive officer or xo. Only the capt would address him no1. This is not a new thing either.

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  4. All? What about those who call him "The Jimmy"?
  5. Because there's been a move away from the 1st Lt's (as he was properly known) job towards an Executive Role. The former concentrates mainly on ropes, wires, bogs and logs; the latter is the CO's 2-i-c and Chief of Staff.
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  6. ok thanks for that ....thats Ist Lieutenant with an F I presume.........still, watching that programme about the Turbulent recently was like watching 'Voyage to the bottom of the sea'....
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  7. Power-reversal of a motor-generator set, ever heard of it?
  8. Hang on a ******* second you complete tube, I quite clearly recognised the fact that the OP was referring to the 1Lt but calling him by the wrong name, whereas you clearly have no ******* idea about the subject whatsoever (see post #3) yet still gob off. Never mind comprehending the question, you don't even have a clue about the subject. You are not even a dipstick, as at least that provides useful information.
  9. As far as I know the First Lieutenant in the RCN is, and has always been Nr.1.
  10. Late 1960's - and you haven't fixed it yet?
  11. Alright you two; stop squabbling.

    How come, on a larger platform, the First Lieutenant is a Commander, but the XO is a Lieutenant Commader?
  12. Another devastating piece of repartee from ARRSE's very own Oscar Wilde.
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  13. Other way round I think. In days of yore, the Royal Navy had loads of big ships that were commanded by Captains. There would be a load of commanders who were head of different branches or departments aboard ship, marine engineering, supply etc. The commander in charge of the executive branch was known as the executive officer and was second in command of the ship.

    On big ships, I believe the 1st Lieutenant was the most senior Lieutenant Commander in the executive branch, effectively third in command of the ship.

    Now, most frigates, destroyers and submarines are commanded by a commander and his heads of department are lieutenant commanders so there is really no distinction between XO and 1st Lt who will likely be the same person.
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  14. Didn't that creep in under the radar from over the pond........

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