When did our Corps RSMs become Officers pet dogs?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Moon_Monkey_Spunk, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. Maybe i'm being harsh, (No change there!) but i've noticed across the corps a change in the role of the RSM. In history the RSM represented the SNCO's under His/Her command, while the Adjutant dealt with the Officers. It now seems certain RSM's are happy to wash thier dirty laundry across RHQ while the Officers Mess still uphold the principle of "What happens in the Mess stays in the Mess".
    Why as a Corps do we find it so easy to lay blame and not stand up for eachother?
    Espirit De Corps?
  2. Could it be because certain RSM's are so set on gaining a commission that they forget what needs to be done as an RSM and concentrate on jumping ship to the other side?
  3. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    I agree its when they started giving commissions free with Tesco points
  4. You lot shouldnt be worried. Most of yours get commissioned into the AAC. :roll:

  5. An RSM with hopes of commissioning will do anything to appease his paymasters yet still expect loyalty from the mess despite not showing any.

    .......& I can't think of ANYONE who if they're honest feels accepted/enjoys the officers mess!

    Hows this for an anecdote from an Officers wife? An officer rejoined my regiment after an external posting. 'Wifey' surveyed the MQ's looking for a suitable PAD. She saw one & said 'I'll have that one' but was told she couldn't because it was occupied by the QM, to which she replied 'I married an Officer, SHE (Mrs QM) married a Corporal!!'
  6. From an osifer's perspective: I prefer the traditional RSM who takes me to one side and graciously puts me right - in that blunt yet gently patronising way - than the Commission-seeking one who joins the other Officers in making his correctional observations in front of the CO or grassing me up to the Adjt.
  7. The forces are still class ridden.Them and us, it will always be the same,Can't have the shi'ite mixing with us ordinary folk can we now.College boys and University types are on a different planet from reality.No common sense and numb with power.
  8. I honestly think that is the view at RHQ level as well, there are still RSM's amongst are midst that keep to the old traditions.
    RSM = The best soldier on camp, not the best soldier with Officer potential!
    Thanks for the orrifers opinion now bugger off back to your Mess :D
  9. MMS - intersting that you think RSMS should ensure what happens in the Mess stays in the Mess, yet you use arse to slag off RSMs who fail to do that. Ever heard that loyalty goes up as well as down?

  10. Can agree with the first part re 'class' some of the time, but as a former College Boy and a former University type, I still reckon that I'm on the same planet as the rest of you. I was never commissioned BTW. I only made it to WO2. Must have been a right w*nker eh?

    Must admit though, it's the LEs who grip my shit. To the Manor born some of them. So glad I'm out.
  11. Totally agree about respect going up and down, but as you should know this wears thin if its not coming down and only up. I respect the rank in the highest order, but the person has changed.

  12. One of the most pitiful sights I ever saw was a brown-nosing RSM wearing a coat of many colours (RLC blaizer in BRIGHT STRIPES,c/w dicky bow & a boater!) at a corps open day. It made me cringe to see the bloke blatently sucking up to the woopertry & openly declaring his desire to join them:(

    (& I suspect his grovelling cost a few quid at the tailors!)
  13. Maye Im being stupid but RSM was the last bastion appointment between them and us.
  14. I agree MS, except these days they're not. I know of at least 3 RSM's who have applied already for LE, and haven't even polished the brasses on their pace stick!

    As soon as an RSM applies for LE the Officers have got him/her by the bollox/minge. Instead of being top soldier they're bottom officer and terrified of upsetting the chance of commissioning.

    I know alot of people didn't like the old CRSM, but fair play he did his time as an RSM and having served with him he stood up for the boys. :shakefist:
  15. There you go MMS, you knew I'd bite, wanchor!