When did Barbarella leave

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tiny_lewis, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. There's something not right about all this. To begin with, I cant imagine the RMP not taking action in a rape case. Knowing them as I used to know them, I would expect them to be all over it like a badly packed parachute.
  2. Exactly - if things happened as they're being described, her whole fucking unit should hang their heads in shame. Jack bastards, every single one of them.
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  3. They were all over it. Well, two of them. Allegedly.
  4. "After an investigation the Independent Service Prosecuting Authority decided no charges should be brought."

    "I feel there should be more support for female soldiers who make allegations of sexual misconduct by fellow soldiers."

    Read the news report, this is a dodgy area, she may have been telling the truth and equally she may have made it up and felt the after effects...

    Just because she committed suicide doesn't mean she was right in her allegations.
  5. The trouble with rape cases is that quite often it's a case of little or no corroborating evidence and the perpetrator saying "she loved it." The RMP are in a difficult position with not enough evidence to prove rape and the poor girl has to go back and face people who think she made it up and dropped someone in it out of spite.

    A very sad case no matter what the circumstances.
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  6. Does this really need to be in the naafi? I can't see there's much to laugh about with this
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