when coppers, loose the plot

We have prisons full of ex police, judges etc etc, most are in the same place so nothing happens to them.
As with Lord Archer, if the person is a good boy before the crime and from a police etc profession then they will get the more cushy jails, 9 x out of 10 anyway
It may be true that "All Coppers Are Bastards".... but not all bastards are coppers lol :)


Santa_Sunday said:
I'm thinking of having ‘ACAB’ tattooed on my knuckles.

What do you plod reckon...??
Why don't you show some originality and stop copying your mum.
I find it funny how the public loves to see the police getting in trouble, nothing seems to sell papers quite so well.

The police are only human and are bound to make mistakes. There is also bound to be the odd bad apple.

I wonder who Mr "ACAB" calls when his house is being broken into or his wife is being gang raped?


Policeman Beats up some piece of sh1t who likely deserves it, front page news (big write up)...

Policeman saves old lady from a burning car, Page 15 (small write up)

You are fcuked if you do and fcuked if you don't

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