When chav speak goes wrong

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Goku, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. This story was in the metro this morning and made me chuckle :D

  2. Stupid slag
  3. I find myself wishing she could have ordered something a bit more deadly than a cabinet though....a spitting cobra or something...
  4. Wonderful!

    I wonder what she said when the lorry came up and promptly delivered a cabinet to her doorstep. Must have been something like: "Am I bovvered?"
  5. whatever!
  6. go girlfriend...........
  7. Wah?!
  8. 1) Why did Displaysense feel the need to apologise?
    2) They processed the order in good faith, so should have refused to refund the "young lady".
    3) I think that this is probably the most inappropriate use of the term "young lady" I've ever seen!

    Chavtastic, innit?! :roll:
  9. Never mind culling badgers and deer, I suggest we begin a little further down the evolutionary ladder!
  10. Fork 'andles anyone?
  11. The telecoms industry are clearly failing to respond to market demand when they've yet to market a phone system that can deliver massive electric shocks to gutter trash like that. I bet my last penny that the only cane she experienced at school was co-cane.
  12. made me laugh init
  13. The same story is in the sun and in line with my press cliches thread they have even put a photograph of a cabinet with the caption

    Because we don't know what a cabinet looks like! :roll:

    Regardless, they shouldn't have refunded her, nor should they have apologised. My spoken English is not exactly plummy but I despise the use of 'innit' - is there such a thing as 'abuse of the English language rage'?
  14. Try reading through some profiles on myspace or bebo guaranteed migrane in 2 minutes
  15. Displaysense are obviously a very astute marketing organisation! Apocryphal story or hype? Hmmm...

    I would agree however that the English language is subject to a level of daily abuse that would sicken the warden of a Jersey children's home...My own son, public school educated mark you, is constantlysubjected to "this woman? Which woman?" and "John and me did it? What about you? And who is Me anyway?".

    And I never let him start a sentence with a conjunction either. :roll: