When can you apply for MQ??



Im 27 and been engaged for 5 of those. Once iget through selection i want to get married. This is probably a stupid question but at what stage can you apply for MQ?
You can apply anytime once you have set a date for the marriage, but you can only occupy one month before the marriage date.

These rules might have changed though as i am harping back to when it used to be DHE and not the current lot. Go and see your families office for the most reliable info.
you can take over the MQ 1 month before you are married but you arent legally allowed to live in it until you are married (unless other half is pregnant and then the rules change a bit), you wont pay for both the singlie accom and the MQ as you can only be charged for 1 at any time. (err allegedly)
Find an empty MQ, break in and install your potential partner in a a squatter. They won't know what to do so chances are you will get away with it. If you are lucky you might even get away with not getting married.

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