When Can We Wear the QDJM? Harrys got his....

Discussion in 'Medals' started by Tiffy_A_Mech, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. As per the Din he shouldn't be, however, tell his Grandma!

    Large can be worn in the 7th Jun, unless you are on the official parade in London in Beginning of May, you can wear it from then on.
  2. Seeing as he is on the a Royal Visit as part of the DJ celebrations in lieu of his Gran... I guessing he should be wearing it, seeing as he is wearing it.

    Or he's going to get a slap from his Granddad on his return :D
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  3. Seeing as he didn't join the army until after I joined the navy and I dont qualify for the QGJM are you going to write a letter saying he shouldn't be wearing that either?
  4. A question on Harry's dress, if he is now a qualified apache pilot in the Army Air Corps, why does he still wear his old cap badge. All other pilots that I know do rebadge AAC, I know years back you could wear your own cap badge for a two years, then opt to stay and rebadge AAC or return to old unit/Regt/Corps.

    Any other soldier/officer who has had so much training invested in them would be told to rebadge on successful completion of the course, the MOD could not afford pilots returning to their old Regt ect every two years then train fresh pilots.

    Is it because a Royal can not serve in a Corps?

    Any AAC arrsers know the answer??
  5. What, like the Royal Armoured Corps?
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  6. Shhhh, you'll scare all the fish away.
  7. I want mine. I've been dead good and everything!
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  8. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    He will probably transfer on completion of his first tour as a pilot.

    Its the normal with people passing the APC from other arms

    (This could be out of date, been out a while)
  9. I beleive he qualifies for it as a member of the royal family (for example thats how he got his QGJM), not as a member of the British Army.
  10. According to the Telegraph H.M. granted special permission for its wear.
    Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry win admirers abroad - Telegraph
  11. He won't transfer to AAC. Why would he leave the Household Division? He's on attachment.
  12. He could do what all other other arms pilots (officers & SNCO’s) do, he will complete a flying tour and then either be offered a transfer and transfer or go back to his own unit or not be offered a transfer and go back to his own unit.

    However, being that he is a prince, he will do whatever his Grandmother wants him to do :)
  13. He will have a greater chance deploying with the AAC than Cav.
  14. He will stay RHG/D, cos the AAC uniform is crap.
    Proven by today's tropical rig.