When Can I Wear My Own Boots??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Derfel2010, Feb 2, 2010.

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  1. Guys can I use my own pair of Altbergs whilst carrying out Basic Training weekends, or do they get shitty about it at Malta Barracks?
  2. if you are on a recruit training weekend no, if you are on a unit weekend its upto them.

    rule of thumb until you done your CMSR then assume its issue kit only ..
  3. What's wrong with issued boots?
  4. Thanks mate, makes sense.
  5. I did my phase 1 at malta in my own boots, however i did have a note from my doc explaining that issue boots had caused me nerve damage. I would have rather had issue as boots can get expensive.
  6. Pro a great ... normal ones chew my feet ...
  7. The propensity for the heels to explode in a brief, rubbery shower? Apart from that they're tops!

  8. Is that when you drive your foot down when coming to attention? If so can I have a pair. What jolly japes I could have! :D
  9. According to "Pte" Mike Golden you can wear your own boots anytime you like on Facebook.
  10. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Recruits are meant to look the same.

    It puts its lotion on its skin...

  11. Generally speaking it is down to the instructors, guidelines state that when carrying out mil training it should be done in issue kit, it comes from sprogs getting injured and then trying to claim compensation. So if you wear your own boots and then break your foot, you'd be told to get fucked basically because you chose not to wear your issued pair.
  12. I must have been really lucky cos in the last 20 ish years of BCH/CAB thats never happened to me although there was a bad batch at one time.
  13. I have my own gun its smaller and lighter than the issued one so I really like it my question is can I bring it to drill nights? Also I quite like to wear my mexican bandit outfit rather than my issued uniform is this allowed?
    I believe a separate unit made up of people wearing their own outfits and carrying specialist weopons could work out quite well. We could call it the SOS ie the specialist outfit services.
  14. Bring issue kit to Malta Barracks. In fact, remember to BRING ALL OF YOUR KIT.

    Or the weekend One Platoon Serjeant might send you an email in a really harsh font.
  15. Fookin bunch of hermers, wear what your given and get on with it, its the army not the fookin girl guides, bunch of soft tw@s.