When can I start work?

Morning guys, MODs please move if in the wrong place.

Long story short, I leave the Army in November and my replacement comes in June. Now I know that the party line is to not start work until 30 days before you leave however I have been offered some rather punchy jobs and I am just wondering if there is anyone out there who started work earlier than that?
Ideal world I would ask for early release however due to my pension I cannot leave prior to September.

I know there are some threads on here reference this however some of these are dated and would prefer up to date honest advice if there is any floating around out there?

Was offered one last night for a start date end of March that had to turn down.

I know I will get spanked on tax but would rather that than let some of these long term jobs slip away.

Any assistance with this would be very much appreciated.
Nothing to stop you starting work as soon as your unit/boss has released you. Yes, you could get spanked for tax, but will still be earning well and making the most of your opportunities. Kinda depends on the relationship with your unit.
I think its a case of having understanding bosses and striking a happy medium. If you were to have something up to 8 weeks before your discharge it would be churlish of them to refuse-- March is kicking the erse out of it IMHO. Is there not a way to apply for early release now, although there would be a forfeit I reckon. A lot depends on your trade as well- can you be spared?

IIRC there was a case a few years back of a guy on resettlement who go a job with a PMC and was killed- rules were tightened up after that and people can no longer take up that sort of thing prior to discharge.

As you pointed out above opinions are dated- I left in 2004 and was either full time courses, work experience or working in my last 6 months- I must have forgotten to tell the tax man!

As an aside I was called in at one point for being 'lazy'. I pointed out to the person concerned that THEIR focus when it came time for their last 6 months in the Army would change as well. Not that she was anything other than lazy on a day to day basis- oh how the walls shook during that conversation as I expressed my views!

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