When can i start work?

Currently in my last year of full service and therefore going through resettlement. I have been lucky to have already received an offer of a job and have been asked when is the earliest i can start. I cannot find a definitive answer anywhere but will speak to RO on Monday. Can anyone offer any advice? I obviously do not want to risk pension payouts etc. But have heard somewhere that there is a time before actual exit date that you can start. Any help would be great.
Officially - in the last 28 calendar days of service (if entitled to termination leave). Unofficially - add up all resettlement, termination, annual, POTL etc and put at the end of service and you can get away then without any problem. If you still need to start earlier then negotiate (both ways - with your future employer and the Army). For example most future employers will honour pre-arranged holidays so you could work your new job for a few weeks then take two weeks off as leave and go back to the Army. If you can push down what you owe the Army to under 3 weeks then (provided you don't take the piss and start taking a different week to book out) your boss is unlikely to mind if you push off a few weeks early.

I've seen this on both sides of the coin - I never expected to see anyone in their last 3 months of Service and I didn't expect much work in the last 6. I applied the same rules to myself when I came to leave.


Have you spoken to your CO to find out when he/she is prepared to release you? Only asking because if you can get released early you can inform your new employer you can either:

Start early

Start early at no cost as part of your probation period (if one exists)
Geordie 342,
You can apply for early release through your CoC if you have a solid job offer. If your CoC supports it, it will go to DM(A) for a descision. There are a couple of threads about this on here somewhere. Each case is judged on it's own merit so there are no guarentees.
A small point also is that you will be paid by 2 separate jobs at the same time so may get pinged to pay some tax back later down the line.

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The tax issue is complicated if you are getting two wages. Depending on who your new employer is (ie not MoD, Civil Service etc.) See if you can arrange "expenses only" for your civvie job whilst still taking your Army pay.The other way of doing it is to get a "joining bonus" from your civie job after you have officialy left the service.
Either way be careful if you end up earning two wages for a period of time, IIRC there are legal issues.
Gentlemen, thanks for the advice. I will be off to see the boss on Monday. I can't see it being a drama, as I have been given my FTOD and the unit I have been assigned to is disbanded by the time I arrive. Therefore I am going to a PID that hasn't got a role, which is clearly great for me. I have already spoken to RCMO and he has basically asked me to turn up day one, give contact details and do one...
I will give him a call also n Monday. Thanks again.

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