When can I get a dog?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Sandhurts, May 6, 2005.

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  1. I'm wading my way through RMAS, and starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. With a couple of terms left, my thoughts are starting to turn towards important questions.

    In particular, what's the form for getting a dog? I was hoping I would be issued a black lab at Sandhurts, but I can't find it anywhere on the 1157. I had always thought you needed permission from the CO and have your captaincy, but I've met a couple of lieutenants with doggies....
  2. Wait until you get to your unit and then ask the QM for one - he'll have plenty and will thank you for your time. The DPA thinks ahead and gets loads in ready for new arrivals...forward planning ain't it great?
  3. Black Labradors are restricted for RAF officers. It's a Springer Spaniel for you m'laddo. A Cocker is more than acceptable. A Pitbull is not. Sign one out on a 668 and see how you fare. :D
  4. Could take a trip to the Defence Animal place (is it still in Melton Mowbray?) and get one of the reject mutts (usually Labs and Springer Spaniels who don't make the grade to become sniffer dogs) before they put a bolt through their heads.

    Or you could take a trip down Chinatown.

    But remember don't let the lads feed your mutt all the leftover bacon rolls though eh? :lol:
  5. Pop down to The Drink or Cinderellas in Guildford when you get a weekend off and you'll find dogs a plenty for the picking :wink:

    The question is not your rank but whether they allow dogs in the mess if you are a singlie. Dont rely on the good nature of your fellow SLIMs as they won't take kindly to the assumption of a snaptin subbie turning up with a loopy inbred mutt that they are happy to be your free dog sitting/walking service. Its bad enough with the other Pads treating the mess like a kennel when they can't be arrsed to sort out dog sitters and presume you have nothing better to do

    When the Adjt of our regt had the audacity to drop off his ugly mutt (with no prior warning)with us to go skiing we showed our displeasure by pinning the psychotic little fcuker down in the bath and dyeing it from head to toe in shockingly bright pink with a very fetching purple go faster stripe down its back......oh, and fed it laxatives before handing it back.............it took weeks to wash out but he got the message :twisted:

  6. Either something has changed drastically from the 3 terms in my day or the CC has increased drastically in length. If indeed you have "only got a couple of terms left" I'd be concentrating which direction the next CSgt's size 14 boot was coming in my direction and trying to avoid it!! By looking at your time of writing I assume you have got a long night of Ironing/Bulling ahead of you!!

    On a more serious note after the CC you'll be on a Troopies course somewhere in a HQ mess where the Regt Col will not take to kindly to Subbie X's poodle making a mess in the bar plus what do you do with it in lectures! When you get posted expect to get deployed at least twice and where do you leave the mut then??

    Rule: Unless you've got someone else to look after it (i.e. wife/kids) forget it!!

    PS Why does everybody assume that other people like/arn't allergic to dogs?? What happens if during career interview with soldier X, with dog under desk, X has a very nastic allergic reaction to doggy fluff and suffers severe respiratory problems?? Que litigation case!!
  7. I am not a fan of dogs and had a problem in one particular mess where we had a large number of dogs running riot and sh1tting everywhere. A simple rule should be, if you have a dog it is not for public rooms. I would echo Jimmy's post. You'll be too busy so save your money... for red cords, champange and other essential officer props (Cav and Guards only).
  8. I knew an Adjt once whose mutt would lie quietly in the corner of his office until the ROO came in to mount each morning. When they banged their feet in the dog would launch straight for the ROO's crotch. The secret was not to react and the snarling bundle of fur, teeth and slobber would not actually connect with your crown jewels. However, if you flinched, watch out!

  9. Dont bother, I tried mine in several different recipes, all of which were foul. Pop down Waitrose and get a nice leg of lamb instead.
  10. Could take a trip to the Defence Animal place (is it still in Melton Mowbray?) and get one of the reject mutts (usually Labs and Springer Spaniels who don't make the grade to become sniffer dogs) before they put a bolt through their heads.

    Was discussing this last night - think ( I'd had a few) she said it is now RAF Wroughton..............
  11. Is this really about owning a dog or a very poor attempt to generate interest in your website? (BTW it would appear that your site is slightly less popular than Ultimate-farce.co.uk........) If you want people to use your site, why don't you just ask?
  12. Thanks. I'll get my feet under the desk, get a few years under my belt then get a slobbery mongrel. I gather most regiments operate fine systems to encourage owners to keep their dogs under control.
  13. Thanks, it really is about wanting to get a dog. I would be more blatant with advertising if I wanted to publicise, but to be honest, my website is meant for internal consumption at RMAS (as apparently we're getting braodband this term!). If some of the people who posted on these boards ended up using it, it'd scare off the juniors....

    Link removed though to prevent future spamming accusations.
  14. Broadband in Basic? It really is a different world eh?
  15. Since when do you have time to go on t'internet at RMAS?

    Things have changed since SMC!!!

    Quick - pass me a copy of The Times to rustle!

    Good luck though. Its worth it in the end..........