When can I draw my pension??

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by aderuffin, May 21, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    Wonder if any of you can shed any light on this for me please. I served from 85 to 96 and came out through voluntary redundancy. I am 45 years old now.
    Just recently one of my old friends told me that I could claim some of my pension now if I wanted? Just trying to find out if this is true and if so what would I expect to get, monthly or annually? Is it true that I can take it now?

    If not when is the earliest I can get it and how much will it be worth. I was a Corporal on leaving if that helps.

    Many thanks
  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Get in touch with the Forces Pension Society - you can Google them. They have experts who will give you correct advice.
  3. On the face of it, you may be entitled to 11/22 of a pension (half of a 22 year pension). Why not give the Veterans Agency a call: Veterans-UK
  4. I am afraid that their is no provision for you to claim an AFPS 75 preserved pension before age 60. There is one exception and that is if you have suffered an injury or illness which renders you permanently incapable of gainful work, and that condition will remain until preserved pension age. In that case, you can apply to have the your preserved pension paid immediately, together with pension increases.

    So, having answered the easy part of your question, please see you PM.
  5. Rather than start a new thread this one is similar enough........

    I know I can receive my pension at 60.

    Can I leave it alone and let it increase in value like some other pension schemes before I finally take benefit from it, or is it a requirement to take it at 60? Just a question I was mulling over as 60 pop's up in 3 years and I do not really need the pension at that time.

    Thanks in advance.
  6. Gutted.

    I thought this was a thread about drawing.
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  7. Take it and invest it?
  8. You mean crayoning.

    Thread banned...
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  10. I don`t think that the pension will increase if you leave it in situ with George Osbourne as there is no investment under pinning a forces pension.

    The only increases you would get are the index linked ones, I would be surprised if there where provision to let it lay before you decided to start drawing the pension

  11. Is that your Service or State pension?
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  13. Coward!

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  14. Service.