When can a CO refuse to pay your bounty ?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 27days, May 24, 2005.

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  1. I'm a tad confused. Our CO has put out his directive for this year. It states that bounty will be paid subject to camp, no. of days etc.... and more interestingly a PASS on ITD(A) 1, 2 and 3.
    How does this satnd with TA Regs ?

    What if you do not get the correct amount of range time as per the ITD manual ?

    What if you select a CMT weekend to attend and are asked by Regt to defer (something more pressing for you and you must extend your trg year).

    What if you chose to attend the last CMT of the year but have had an accident and get biffed off the CFT ?

    He has further stated that you must attend 2 exercises to qualify for bounty. Can he do this. Is this resurecting the problems of O days. We all know why they got binned.

    Any legal eagles out there ?
  2. No we don't. Please enlighten us.
  3. O days were binned as we only signed up to a 27 day contract. Nothing was specified as the the exact days you would need to attend. People were not qualifying for bounty having made themselves available on other dates.
  4. I'm assuming a guy in the bar told you this so it must be true. Probably a Law Graduate (Barrack Room with Honours).

    Ask the same guy what the opinion is in your Coy/Sqn of Bounty Hunters.

    And how much sympathy they get when it all goes horribly wrong.

    Better check your "contract" before you get mobilised.
  5. ?
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    OK, from TA Regs:

    "Certificate of Efficiency

    2.058. At the end of each training year each member of the TA may be granted a Certificate of Efficiency by his commanding officer. Where necessary, the certificate is to specify alternative training/service authorised to count in lieu of camp. In order to be judged efficient each member of the TA must meet the following conditions:

    Pass the following Individual Training Directives (Army) (ITDs(A)):

    (1) Independent Unit personnel . Any 3 of ITDs 1 to 5 (ITD 1 as Stage 1 - AOSP and ITD 5 at basic level)

    (2) Specialist unit personnel . Any 2 of ITDs 1 to 5 (ITD 1 as Stage 1 - AOSP and ITD 5 at basic level)

    (3) HRR personnel . Pass all ITDs 1 to 5 (ITD 1 - as APWT and ITD 5 at basic level)

    Personnel are to attempt all 5 ITDs (A) unless excused for medical reasons. These requirements may be adjusted by HQ LAND."

    As to CO's discretionary weekends - these are not mentioned in TA Regs and, I think you will find, have most definitely gone out of fashion for this reason. Do the days, do the Camp/course, do the ITDs, be available, and Bounty should be yours.

    Certainly, missing the Bounty or ITD training because you weren't available on a particular weekend, or because you were recruiting or driving instead, just won't wash. The rules for Bounty are simple - see above.

    We have certainly found that people are doing fewer days than they used too - other things going on, I suppose - and that, together with more training weekends being programmed than ever before (CCRF, Recruiting, etc) mean that there is more opportunity for Soldiers to pick and choose when they attend. This can result in fewer soldiers being there for 'important' weekends, despite pressure from COs. COs must realise that THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO ABOUT THIS unless they either reduce the numbers of weekends, or increase the training liability. Let's not have too much guff about those who are only 'Bounty Hunters' and do the minimum training; at least they are turning in - there's many millions more in this Country who don't.
  7. Thank you for that OldSnowey, a truly helpful and informative reponse.
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    B*gger me - a compliment to a Mod. I will have it framed and stuffed immediately.

    Seriously, if you need to know anything else, please PM me. Happy to elp.
  9. I cannot say for other regional training teams, but LDSTT runs every year a bounty wash up weekk end for those who were unable to attempt ITD 1-5 another opurtunity.

    I have know people not to get their bounty for ITD reasons, but it was their lazyness to ring up other units to ask if thay could attend.

  10. Come on for goodness sake, we have at least 3 bounty weekends a year , more than enough weekend ex's to attend and parade nights 4 times a month , it amazes me how people whinge when turned down on the basis of being a lazy bounty hunting ******
  11. Ditto that Polar69.
  12. i think we do enough APWT shoots to cover most of the TA, same with CFT's. It's not a case of IF, but how many times one does it. Our CO has implemented "MANDATORY TRAINING WEEKENDS", yeah, whatever!!! if i cant make a weekend, i don't go, if i don't want to, i don't go. Saying i HAVE to go just blatantly defies what the TA is to me. Voluntary!!