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When Are You Going To Die???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Phil306, May 20, 2005.

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  1. Tuesday, June 10, 2059 apparently, you?
  2. 13 October 2000?????????????
  3. Wednesday, July 2, 2070
    i dont want to be 90 for fcuk sake!
  4. That's bollocks - apparently, as a normal non-smoker with a BMI of 25 I won't reach 75!
  5. Friday, May 18, 2035 Fcuk me I've only got thirty years to go
  6. Saturday, August 2, 2036 - apparently
  7. Apparently I'm already fecking dead!! 8O

    I suppose some who know me might agree :eek:
  8. By my reckoning - Saturday 21st May 2005 at 0952 hrs (GMT +11) :?

    By the Deathclock

    21 /05 / 2050 as a NON smoker


    04 / 06 / 2054 as a smoker

    Best I break open another pack of Benny Hedgehogs
  9. Aug 29 2007 8O ahhh well
  10. Friday September 13th 2047 8O
  11. Thursday Aug 6th 2054 If I give up smoking :)
  12. I'm not going to die, I have a picture in the attic.
  13. Either you must have a pessemistic outlook on life or be an eld fecker Snappy that's 12 years lower than mine and i'm a grey haired old fart, (A bit like the Lairdx)
  14. Well, my BMI is under 25 (22 in fact) I am a fit individual admittedly I smoke but otherwise I consider myself very healthy :!:
    No grey hair either (anywhere :wink: )