When are the Promotion Board Results released?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Enlightenment, Nov 6, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone tell me where I can find dates for the release of promotion board results? It isn;t for me you understand.....................

    No, seriously. It really isn't.
  2. Gosh,

    You learn something every day. I didn't notice that.
  3. Unless this is a blatant wah, if you have a look in JWP 2-00 you may find some quite useful tips about the systematic exploitation of all available sources and agencies
  4. Why does exploitation have to be systematic? Surely just getting whacked in there has many advantages. This over emphasis on system and routine ruins good intelligence. Neural networks rely on randomisation of connections and are by far the most effective pattern spotters and link analysers.

    Blatant Wah? Ofcourse not. It was just late.
  5. you forget to mention swagging.
  6. That sounds like ADHD/Autism to me.
  7. ADHD/Autism..ism. You should be ashamed of yourself. A little autism goes a long way. Have you never seen "Rain Man?" It is this kind of closed minded and blinkered attitude to freaks that has done so much damage to the Corps.
  8. Being slightly autistic myself, and being father to a son with ADHD/ODD/Autistic traits and slight Tourettes, I can see the validity of all that. Never done me any harm though, in fact it has proven quite beneficial. :)
  9. Have I ever played yoy at cards? It would explain my financial situation.

    Edited due to sausage fingers
  10. No I have never played you at cards, but I do find Hexadecimal number systems fascinating. It's very worrying!
  11. Numbers are much more fun when dealing with just 1's and 0's
  12. Jees.

    I feel for you. You do need a lot of help.