When are 22 eng reg off to Afghan??

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Deacon91, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. Alright there, was just wondering as im being posted in the next few months to 22 Engineer Regiment, 3 armoured engineer squadron, i would like to know information of when they go on tour and any pre-deployment training they will be on, and if not soon when looks likely, if anyone has an idea, thanks alot.
  2. ask the unit, persec & all that old chap.
  3. March the 23rd at 2300 hrs, Flight number BZZ 1234 arrives in KAF at 0800 Hrs local

    Hope this helps :wink:
  4. Flights been delayed. :wink:
  5. Sure u aint working on Intel for the Taliban..
  6. Nah he cant be even the RAf dont know when the flight is going to leave
  7. I understand that 22 Engr will have to walk from Karachi to Bastion,after arriving in the port by troopship(hired from Brittany Ferries).This is -yet another-economy measure from Bruin.
  8. its terry taliban, how many sappers do you know that can spell.
  9. Oi, i can speeks propa englund i am! ;)
  10. No that one is heading TO theatre not OUT of theatre and as such will fly at 22:59:59GMT without incident.

    The one coming back will have to be delayed by 6 weeks due to a funny knocking sound in the co-pilots kettle.
  11. They may however be moving onto the new tour timeline of 9 months with rnr or 6 without,

    Real or rumour, who knows but if it comes off it wasnt my idea guv!
  12. Wait until you get there, a nice man with a stick will no doubt tell you.
  13. Just thought if nice man stick reads this post and a couple of mongs from training turn up guess they will be having a hard time in the office. Nice one.
  14. Thanks for that, im arriving at the unit in April does this mean i will completley miss the tour or will i be shipped out over there sometime?? thanks for your help
  15. If you miss that plane, you wil be shipped out in an MFO box. Just pack light, it will be tight in their with all your kit.