When Ally met Sally

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Moon_Monkey_Spunk, Jan 14, 2011.

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  1. Not sure how to tie the thread with the title but I've got your attention!

    I've just returned from a short stint in Bastion and how it has changed in 2 years, both in size and nature.

    It is blaringly obvious there that UK forces Military bearing, especially dress standards is as high on the agenda as defeating the threat from Terry. So much so that RMPs are stopping UK Pers and enforcing dress Regs (berets / Hi-Vis belts during dark hours Ect Ect) for one, how embarrising this must be for the RMPs! After years of abuse for catching speeding Mil Veh on camp they are now reduced to enforcing dress Regs! Dark days......

    My point? I can see the need for imposing a tougher regime as I agree we were starting to look a tad shabby (there is a difference standards in a FOB and standards in a Operational Garrison) however, who the hell is picking up the so called "SF" faternity and hangers on? What a bunch of scruffy Cnuts!! I can only persume the skinny kids (early 20s) I seen kicking around with long hair and wearing RAB jackets worked for 18 (UKSF) Sig Regt (I could be wrong but they don't look SF!!)

    Flying back from Bastion there was a small group of these "wannabe's" at the PHF, all sporting RAB jackets over MTP uniform (mixed dress in my eyes) and long hair. A mate of mine works for "them" and said recently they are becoming an embarrasment.

    Come on, who's in charge of them? Lets get a grip, in classic Delia Smith fashion...LET'S BE AVIN YER!

    Note: I'm now calling lads and lasses from 18 UKSF Sig "Sallies" to tie in the Ally met Sally!!

    Anybody else experienced this?
  2. Could the young looking spunkers not be SFSG personnel? 1 Para/SRR & the like.
  3. Ches, they could have been but they looked a bit "attached arms" to me! The funniest part was in their desperate attempt to remain "Ally" they wouldn't take off their RAB jackets even though it was warm and they were obviously too hot......
  4. I'd be careful. I bet these guys could kill with a set of curling tongs.
  5. Need to make a fashionable bit of gucci kit instantly unfashionable, such that no young gun wants to be seen dead in it?

    Persuade the RAF that they need to issue a branded version.

  6. I don't know about anyone else, but by the time I got to the PHF I was more concerned about getting back/flight delays, rather than what any long haired bugger was wearing!

    If you felt so strongly about it, why didn't you go over and pick him up for it?
  7. Without disputing what you say about how these blokes looked, do you not reckon if "they" were that bothered "they" would deal with it.
  8. Before I came back through bsn, to go on R&R, there had apparently been a half colonel stagging on the exit of the cookhouses in bsn1 gripping people and taking names for the usual offences (hair,sidies,uniform etc).

    I understand screwing the nut, but honestly haven't people like this got better stuff to do?
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    It can become quite a problem, especially with all the Septics there. Scruffy looking soldiery reflect a lack of discipline, pride, and self-belief. If we want to keep our end up with the Yanks and all our other Allies, we should at least be tidy. It costs nothing, and frankly looks better and makes people feel better.
  10. Problem is when you end up in BSN without meaning to, eg prisoner escort, from a FOB and then get gripped by some throbber for having a Ubacs on when it is all you have.

    Same detail with haircuts, guys from groundholding units struggle to get a hair cut due to the lack of barbers. Ten seconds on the ground in LKG and some nosher will start moaning.

    We all know who the guys taking the p1ss are. Usually hangers on from certain units.
  12. Because, whilst not holding the line or being special, they are working their balls off to ensure the boys holding the line and being special have the equipment and support they need to do the job? How long do the REME guys work a day in order to turn bent vehicles around? Heavy manual labour in a workshops that get how hot?

    The question above is not a drivel question, although your response is. You weren't man enough to confront the individuals at the PHF, but come on here dripping about it. Grow a set. You are probably incorrect on their unit of origin also.

    Likewise, with the RMP. Checking or gripping people for reflective belts IS in their mandate. Road safety. Gets dark at night don't it, and pedestrians are usually wearing clothing that by its very design makes them harder to see. In a place where there is little or no street lighting.

    How about a thread title change? 'Dullard with lack of moral courage drips'. Much more in line with the content.
  13. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    Who gives a **** apart from you?
  14. Standards seem to vary across theatre - in Kabul there is a no headgear, no saluting of those under 1* policy in force (for reasons which remain obscure). Came as a bit of a shock as an SO2 to be picked up for not saluting some random SO1 in BSN when I was down there.

    With those in uniform, it feels like its got to the stage where some of the wider support elements are turning into walking stereotypes - given the slightest opportunities to don craghoppers they will. I never quite understood how wearing that stuff in the desert helped you blend in in KAF or BSN, if anything it makes you stand out?
  15. Contrary to popular belief, RMP don’t always enjoy pulling people up for dress offences, sideburns, etc. But as c_f pointed out with the Hi-Vis belt example, there is good reason, sometimes. A lot of the things that RMP get used for come from Garrison Commanders, CO’s and those who get pissed off with minor things.

    Personally, when on Ops, mixed dress, sideburns and other minor offences, don’t really flick my switch, but there are those who just take the piss and need to be gripped. With regards to SF and the hangers on, sometimes (not all the time) they don’t fall under the Base commanders remit, thus they get left alone. But as mentioned before, their commanders should grip them.

    Another point is that what are the RP staff up to….. Surely dress offences, sideburns, all other general minor discipline matters in camp (On Ops or not) should be dealt with by them. Believe it or no, the RMP are normally quite busy dealing with other stuff, to be concerned with minor offences that could be quite easily sorted by the RP staff.