When a Triatholon is just too easy!!!!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by chocolate_frog, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. BL00DY HELL. Good effort that man. Must have made his son proper proud of his old man
  2. This guy is a legend, no doubt - I'm a triathlete, a parent and am in training for an Ironman as well, when it comes to the crunch (not just in triathlon but in anything) when I think that i just can't keep going on this is the fella that I remind myself of.

    Proof that you can achieve almost anything with the right motives.

    Team Hoyt are not the only people to credit though, a little research in some of the disabled people who complete the Ironman produces some outstanding facts. People who are TOTALLY blind who finish, guys and girls who have previously been told that they will never walk again after being flattened by "insert heavy object here" and F**k me even people with no legs finish this race.

    Ironman Distance Triathlon is becoming one of the most popular endurance events in the world and rightly so - want a man test? Do an ironman, want a REAL test of your spirit do the same thing but drag a ten stone bergen along for the ride and only then will you appreciate what this man does for his son.

    100% legend - Props to Team Hoyt and all those others who are brave enough to look into the eyes of the beast....and promptly smash it's pussy cat face into the tarmac!
  3. Sadly, the son has passed away and the father is in jail.

    The son's last words were "Again! Again!"

    Seriously, though. I'm wiping a tear from my eye.
  4. I thought they stopped but didn't realise about the son.
  5. PIMH, I've done a bit of Google-searching, and I'm unable to find any reference to either the death of the son, or the father's jailing. I was interested to see why he was in jail, do you have any further info?

    Not being a cock, genuinely curious.
  6. Ditto - must be getting soft now I'm a dad.
  7. My pub had posters up for a triathlon. Turned out to be Darts, Dominoes and Pool :x
  8. If you work a bit harder on your phys you might just stand a chance then. :D
  9. That's what I'm hoping! :D
  10. Eh? If ture, it must be very recent.
    The Team Hoytwebsite says:
  11. There is a similar pair in UK - father and son I believe - who are often seen on the half-marathon circuit in the west of England. I have met them on the Tewkesbury and Gloucester half-marathons, and have managed to overtake them each time - but not until at least half-way round...


  12. I'll be very surprised if the father is in jail because he's been booked in for public speaking all over the USA for the entire of October.


  13. Seriously you people, it was an extremely badly written joke...

    Son wants to do another triathlon, says Again Again,

    Dad gets f*cked off and kills him,

    Dad goes to jail.

    Bring out the WAHs if you must but due to how badly the joke was written I won't fault you for not actually getting the sarcasm, funny as it was :)
  14. Badly written? How very dare you?

    Either the force of Wah is strong in this thread or a) some posters have not yet had the misfortune to have kids or b) they have been devoid of a father figure.

    For those still mystified, the clue was "Seriously, though..."