wheezing in the cold but is it asthma?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_Four, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. only happens after cardio exercise in the cold and not during the exercising? i was diagnosed with asthma at 3 months old never used or collected an inhaler or had an attack? i dont think i have it as im fit and dont have trouble with breathing normally. im not on my phyical peak at the moment but i was pushing myself as i were as fit as i used to be in summer i havnt exercised for a month till today and i was weezing after exercise but not during and i was fine after a 5 min cool down? it wasnt bad just stiff breathing.
  2. See your GP and get checked out
  3. I know and i want to see my mums mate whos a doctor first. i know people who have the same problem but since i was diognosed with asthma by a lazy gp when i was a baby and dont want another one to take 1 look at me and half heartedly call me asthmatic and ruin my chances in the army.
  4. Is your mums mate a GP ? Will they have a spirometry machine? Why was the GP lazy when they diagnosed you as a child?
  5. I can believe that, my wee lad (2 years old) was diagnosed with Asthma by my wifes stand in G.P a couple of months back. The missus turned up at the door one afternoon with an inhaler on prescription and some sort of contraption to make it easier to squirt said contents of inhaler into his gob.
    Being forever sceptical I took him back at the end of the week to our regular G.P who said bollocks it's just a chest infection.

    Still, I don't really reckon your mates mum will have the necessary kit laying round the house.

  6. I had a chest infection and never shown any symptoms. i weeze on a cold run but i think lots of people do. im paranoid i have asthma becuase all ever wanted to do was the army and im scared of getting binned. im going to my gp to get it cleared.
  7. my dad said i had a chest infection but the gp was half arsed about it and didn't care. it dons't take a medical professional to see he wasn't interested in his job. my dad said anyway.
  8. I imagine it's hard to remember when you were a child. People die from asthma get it checked.
  9. I said i have never shown any symptoms im not going to die i was wondering if it was a symptom but i dont think it is many people get it and my dad was saying what he remembered not me.
  10. As jarrod248 has said to you, asthma is not some thing to be taken lightly, if you have any doubt at all go and get checked out properly,
    Iwas diagnosed at about 5 years old, had it until about 14, it cleared of its own accord, i served 26 years no problems, believe it or not the bugger has now reappeared, get checked if it means you cannot join so be it, better that than dead on a run or march.
  11. Wheezing could be asthma but you won't get it checked out on here, see your GP and get sorted out with inhalers or whatever
  12. This is the one symptom i had and it dons't necessarily mean i have asthma and ive been on long distance runs and im relatively fit.
  13. It is a bit suspect if what you describe only happens in the cold weather. Warm weather is better for asthma, as the tubes tend to be open better, but of course it could be the kind triggered by pollen. However, cold weather tends to close up the tubes and could be an indicator. Whatever, never ignore what might be your body giving you a warning. Asthma can vary in the way it works on different people, it is a lot more common than people think and if you can trace it to any older family members,it is further indication. Do you have any allergies? they often materialise with asthma.
  14. i have not got any allergies.
  15. You said you was diagnosed with Asthma so I can only assume you had some symptoms of Asthma if you had a chest infection as a child then more than likely the GP would have lazily given you antibiotics not a diagnosis of Asthma. Your medical records could have some detailed information as to what happened to you as a child.