Wheetabix has gone

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Ciggie, May 3, 2012.

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  1. Gosh. What can a man eat in the morning to get away the taste of fish?
  2. Just suck a mint to take away the taste of your boyfriends jizz.
  3. Lift up your dog's tail and eat his sphincter.....
  4. Has Weetabix gone too?
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  5. Aparently the company that made the brek has gone all muesli
  6. Gosh??

    Fucking mincer.
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  7. Kippers?
  8. Apparently the Canadian firm that manufactures it for Canadian and US market will keep making it. As of today, a Chinese company is buying a controlling interest in Weetabix. Not sure what that means, might mean all the jobs and manufacturing will move to China
  9. Surely it would be uneconomic to produce a breakfast cereal so far from the consumer?
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  10. Well now the Chinks have bought Weetabix I won't be eating them anymore. They'll be like a Chinese takeaway... you'll be feckin' starving half an hour after eating them.
  11. There was Weetabix, mini weetabix and all the other arty farty versions.

    What will they call it now?

    Weetabix chunky becomes Weetabix Chinky.
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  12. Weetabix was the floor sweeping out of a chipboard factory anyhow, now they'll be the made of Maoist toenails. Fuck em anyway, Benson & Hedges remains the breakfast of champions!
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