Wheel warbling noise

Hello again arrse problem solvers.

I own a '51' mk4 VW Golf which has just broken the 100,000miles mark.

Of late I've started hearing some significant deep warbling sounds coming from either the front or rear near side wheel (seems more rear). It sounds like a 60's Sci fi spaceship.

The sound only starts happening after I've been driving for about 15mins/10miles but then it's constant.

It goes away immediately if I turn the wheel to the near side or apply any pressure to brakes (including handbrake, yeah yeah I know)

It doesn't appear to get any louder with speed.

It's just recently passed an MOT so I'm kind of at a loss and I'm loathed to have to put it back in the garage and have to use cattle class means of getting into work.

Cheers for the help.

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Knackered bearing? (I should know I keep losing mine)
- Get those hub caps off, perhaps something has worked its way up in there (pebble or some such) save a trip to the farrier - oh & make sure your nuts are tight while you are down there, got mine back from a service once and whomever had rotated the tires has neglected to tighten all but one of the wheel nuts on the front left. Hell of a wobble etc "maybe they are trying to kill me" i thought quietly to myself.
Hope you fix it in anycase & I hope for your sake a real mechanic type will pitch in with advice for you.
Sounds a bit like wheel bearings the way you describe it. Get it checked by a mechanic (or wait until a wheel comes of as you drive, your choice)
Agree about the bearing. A safety IA would be to jack up the front, then check for play by gripping the top and bottom of the wheel and trying to move it about the horizontal axis. At least that will give you confidence when you drive it to the garage for a real machanic to check it for you.
get the brake fluid changed/bled, sounds like the caliper isnt returning properly, therefore you are getting incorrect wear on the pads which may cause the pad to bind
Jack the back of the car up, (handbrake off, wedge front wheels).

Check if wheel spins freely, if not probably brakes like Bipolar said. If not grab wheel by trade wiggle forwards and backwards, if there's a lot of play could be bearing.
Some bearings are a piece of piss to do, some need special tools, and it varies from model to model.
Hmmm..bearing tend to be more of a grinding noise than a warble.

Used to get a warble on the Defender with incorrect tyre pressures as a resonance occurred at certain speeds from the tyre iteslf. Also with worn tyres.

Binding brakes tend to reveal themselves by one wheel being hotter that the oposing wheel (fronts get hotter than rears) or by a pulsing through the brake pedal when braking.

As I said, my experience with bearings is more of a grinding/scoring noise. As said, jack up each wheel, grasp at 9/3 o'clock, and 12/6 o'clock and try to wobble the wheel. Worn bearings with give a little. Also, pull one side, push the other and rotate the wheel at the same time. You can often feel a "rough" patch on worn bearings.

Or just torch the thing :)
I like to think I'm better at using them than I am at fixing them, but I'll give it a whirl on a jack today.

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Teaching granny to suck eggs moment. If you are as "novice" as you suggest, please don't start wobbling wheels until you are sure the car is secure. FFS don't rely on a side jack or similar if you are going to put head/hands anywhere underneath.

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