Wheel out the Common Wealth

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by BedIn, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. This is something I once discussed with an Aussie in Iraq….

    Wouldn't a Common Wealth Div be Brilliant? A UK Bde, an ANZAC Bde and a Canadian Bde. The only dramas would be the willingness of the Kiwis to play (although maybe they would with the old team) and the ability of the Cannucks to field a Bde. In general the colonies are more willing to mix it than our useless NATO/EUROFOR neighbours (Luxembourg? Belgium? What for?). Also, I've worked with both Kiwis (Bosnia) and Aussies (Iraq) and liked what I saw. I've not come across the Canadians but they have a good track record and they certainly look the part in Afghanistan. Yank free fun - bring it on!

    As an aside I can't help but think that the Indians could bring a bit to the party. Like a spare Corps or two. They appear to run a sort of British Army circa 1950 thing, which can only be good. And they have some blinding moustaches.
  2. Hear Hear!

    The only trouble that I can see is the problem we'd have in deploying and sustaining anything LIKE a Bde on an extended Op. Both for reasons of capability but also (& more significantly) a govt that loves wrapping itself in the flag and running khaki elections, but completely unwilling to risk deployments with significant casualties.

    Good idea though .....
  3. Not a bad idea, we could start the old 28 Commonwealth Brigade again.


    But bigger.

    A bit unfair abot Luxembourg. They only have a battalion ish.

    The LO in Bosnia lives in a 5* hotel in the town!!!

    With 36 men deployed out of a possible 770.
  4. Right, I'm off! Do their rations include waffles? :wink:
  5. Nice idea, one small problem, how would Indian, Australian, Canadian and NZ troops feel about being bossed about by a bunch of Brits again? Small matter of Gallipoli, Vimy Ridge and Dieppe springs to mind. (Can't particular think of any dramas with the very wonderful Indian army though (don't mention the mutiny) so we might have a very nice time with them. I can almost taste the gin and tonics now...
  6. Two solutions:

    1) Have a combined staff. GOC need not be a Brit. Contributing nations could take turns in key HQ appointments.

    2) We just dust off the monocles and pith helmets and get the colonials in our icy grip.

    Option 2 probably wouldn't wash with our plucky allies.

    How about the Div consisting of 3 x combined Bdes? Better for integration (though not G4) and would lead to some top postings. Mmmm - a British BG in Oz.

    HM the Q would f*cking love it.

    We could lob in a Ghurkha Bn to give it a real "halcyon days" feel. This would be brilliant. Sod NATO - bring back the might of the Commonwealth/Empire. We would be the daddies.

    I'm so excited!
  7. I'm game on! Give G2 and G6 to the Aussies; G4 to the Kiwis (and the ceremonial hakka); G1 to Canada; G8 to India... menial stuff like G3 and G5 to the Brits. Sounds like a plan.
  8. choc-frog, I had to read your bit on the Luxembourg Army twice.

    I initially thought it was about the British armed forces........
  9. http://www.armee.lu/index2.html

    Dust off your best school boy French, and get emailing! :wink:
  10. Have you seen that "femme" in the last photo on Random_Task's link?


    Mind you, when I have worked alongside the Aussies they provided some stunning "shelias".

    This Commonwealth thing has no negative points that I can see...

    And imagine the sauce-ups that we could have! Barbies, moose milk etc.
  11. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    While we are about it can we turn the Common Wealth into a Free Trade Assoc and withdraw gracefully from the 'Festung Europa' (remain in the EFTA)
  12. sknn

    I thought exactly the same when we had that idiotic referendum in '75. What a trading bloc that would be and with "family". It might have been an incentive to some of the African countries to get (or keep) their s**t in one sock, as well. I think we've already p**ed on our chips with that one, though.

    A Commonwealth Div certainly does have an instant appeal. If the Pakistanis could be persuaded to join in, what a plus that would be. As regards leadership, why not the most able that any of the contingents could offer? It could still be tasked from the UK.
  13. I always liked that sort of idea, makes more sense than any variation on the EU army. For a start, we'd all speak English. For second, the Commonwealth countries all seem to have similar and compatable military traditions.

    Though what about the India/Pakistan friction? Not exactly promising.
  14. We'd also have an unbeatable rugby & cricket team.
  15. I'm on. But can the Luxemburgers play too?

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