Wheel nearly came off after service. Is it the mechanic?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by trickywoo, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    We had the spousal unit's Galaxy serviced by the local mechanic. The pads on the front were changed and the wheel replaced with the spare. Yesterday, we heard an alarming noise which sounded like the transmission was borked. In the event, all the screws on the front near-side wheel were finger tight and the wheel was hanging off. The mechanic is on his way and clearly distressed. He's certain he tightened the bolts and says the rim on the wheel may be faulty and that this caused the loosened bolts. Is this possible or did he drop the ball on this?

  2. He is chatting shite and flapping because he has fukked up, I would not be a happy teddy. Do not believe any bollocks he comes out with.
  3. I hear the sound of a ball bouncing. Take photographs, lots of photographs. Mechanic is talking balls too.
  4. s'wat i thought. fukcing hell. his dad died last month so perhaps he's back at work too soon. i'll talk to him this morning.
  5. Forgot to add, they may well be damage to the wheel and other parts now as a result of the wheel becoming loose, don't let the beggars tell you that a damaged wheel (not their fault!) made the wheel come loose. You may need evidence as you'll probably want damaged parts replaced at their expense. They will try to wriggle out of it.
  6. I came out of an office a couple of years ago and in the middle of the road was a new BMW with the front offside wheel sitting at an angle.

    I think the guy is talking bollocks and forgot to tighten the wheel nuts.
  7. OK, thanks. I'll wait to see what he says when he turns up. It's not looing good for him at the moment then I guess.
  8. Had a similar situation several years ago and that was after getting a new tyre at a well-known national tyre supplier. Although they denied it, it was obvious that the hydraulic nut-tightener wasn't working properly.
    You should make your mechanic sweat a bit more.

    OK, he says there was lots of rust on the old wheel. When he tightened the bolts on the new wheel he did it to the correct torque - any harder and it would be difficult to remove them in future. He says, "I didn't get all the rust off but now I have to the bolts aren't going into the rust anymore."
  10. So he was content to tighten the nuts into the rust the first time around. Eh?? Perhaps you need to find a new mechanic.
  11. mwl946

    mwl946 LE Good Egg (charities)

    Similar thing happened to me a few years back tho my wheel actually came off (fortunately at low speed) as I was slowing down at a roundabout. Despite their protestations all had been ok when my car left the garage, two wheel nuts were found sitting on top of the air pump - they'd "forgotten" to put them on. Satisfactory outcome as regards compensation/repairs etc but I shudder to think what would have happened had it come off 5 min previously when I was tanking down the motorway :(
  12. The fact that the guy came out to you further proves he is guilty and has has cocked up, i would ask for a full service and reassurance that nothing else has been left loose, hanging off etc all for free mind!
  13. He is full of shite.
  14. Stressful time! Give the lad a break (or a holiday). :(
  15. In any case, he should've made sure the hub mating surfaces were free from debris/rust. He's bluffing though, he fcukin forgot to tighten them plain and simple. Doughnut!! I suggest a change of mechanic in future.