Wheather situation,Biblical!


is the end of the world nigh because it feels like it tonight,i'd be suprised if this weather has not caused massive damage across the country,its ****ing frightening here car alarms, burgular alarms, trees hitting windows, roofs creaking,i'd hate to be at sea now,whats it like where you are?

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whats it like where you are?
I can't see because my eyes are bleeding from trying to decipher your post.

In all seriousness, it isn't too bad in Sheffield. A period of heavy rain and wind but nowhere near as strong as the last few nights.

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its bloody annoying not being able to edit a thread that you start,if the MODS are able please strike out the "H" in the title ,thanks
Well, it has just trashed the mobile garage and the TVR in it!!
Here in West London there's a bit of a breeze. Trees are wobbling and the bushes are acting as if they're at a heavy metal gig

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Fingers crossed not to bad sun shone yesterday and if the rain holds off things may start to dry out.

The last 3 weeks have been akin to the west country. (Current loc SW France)
Nice here, its about 33C overcast but bright, a little breeze every now and again.
Wet and windy here,but much better than other parts of country.ie no floods.


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Bloody wind kept me awake during the night. There again, there's not much to slow it down in the flatlands of Lincolnshire. Oh, and it did p!$$ it down as well.


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blustery and squally in glos, just waiting for the flood to put us back on the news. she's away so I slept with the window open and only woken once by something blowing over outside

we get biblical floods here every year, they've closed all the public toilets and bricked them up but still the botting goes on.
Fine oop north. Lots of groundwater, but that's normal.

Whither the wheather?
Here on the coast towards Chichester, its pretty ****ing epic.
had to screw sheets of ply across the main gates to the car ports last night to stop them blowing in.

why so little damage?

After a month of this shit, all the weakest links have already broken. So far this last month, I've lost a conservatory roof and all the fence down one side of the garden. New fence a few years ago, 4" posts just snapped off like twigs.


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^kiln dried timber probably.

if they are the 4 inch jobs then square off the break, hammer some repair spikes down the sides if they are set it postcrete, recut the posts and slot back in. take you a day. screwfix probably do the best post repair kits at the best price.

try to dig them out and start again will take forever.

had two on one side snap a few years back, had one on the other side go before xmas so I used stakes and ties to keep it up as the neighbour is pretty useless. he can buy the spikes and I'll get his son to bash the spike in.

biggest issue is the shed, probably have to felt the outside of it as the lats shrank in the summer on the side that gets the rain blown at it.

neighbour 2 up lost a ridge tile but they are noisy drug dealing chavs so we ignore them.
Welcome to the weather we get every year, without the media hype I may add. Being Scots, we like to share our weather, especially knowing how much the hosepipe bans have upset you all.
Wet and windy. No localised flooding as the Rivers Exe & Barle are fast flowing here, the only issue if they break their banks, but since last year this has supposedly been rectified. Wait out for photographs of the aforementioned.............

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