whcih regiment

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Edward Hitler, May 19, 2011.

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  1. hi i would like to join the Paras, but i don't like the taste of ****. is there a regiment which is equally nails but does not practice pork sword swallowing as its regimental sport?


  2. Err goodbye.
  3. just join the para's and keep a good stock of mints handy, or the alternative is just to **** off
  4. whcih regiment
    From Cymru?.
  5. well your spelling is certainly up to standard but the airborne tend not to suffer pricks gladly so I'd say you'd last about five minutes before being kicked to bits.

    I'd go the recruitment office and request information on better wind ups.
  6. was that meant to be a windup? fook me the standards are slipping, here i was thinking he was just being a twat. do you know if 'The big military book of wind-ups and practical jokes" is still available? i did heard of a used one on amazon but that was years ago, it might still be worth him having a look
  7. how do you know?
  8. Potential recruit for the RAF Regiment I think.
  9. Weak effort. Must try harder.


    Ps: **** is for winners.
  10. Meh, 6/10 mainly for effort, could do better!