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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Grey_Mafia65, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. Anyone use an instant messaging app other than WhatsApp? If so, which ones and what were your impressions of them?

    I've looked at IMO Messenger which has scored quite high but the reviews seem a bit hit and miss, with one person saying their message went to every one of their contacts!

    Message Me is used by one of my children, and they seem happy enough with it.

    Anyone use Skype for instant messaging?

    I don't know of any others so open to comments.
  2. One of the things I do not undertand is the proliferation of instant messaging services, surely (I may be wrong on this) we all need to be on the same one to message each other, this is, I understand, about the only thing that has kept Blackberry going!

    And if you can use different ones to text each other the costs must be more depending on what service you are on and the person you are messaging.
  3. Viber is pretty good, you can make calls as well as texting with added pictures and videos. It uses the internet access in your price plan.
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  4. I use faceache for IMs instead of texts. The facebook messenger is pretty good.
  5. Same here.

    Mrs skypes her daughter in the states all the time.
  6. I use Skype for IMs, means I don't get pestered on FB by annoying twats when I'm trying to talk. Other than that I just text.
  7. Do all these IMs allow photos, music video files etc to be sent as well?
    Not the facecunt one as I refuse to use facecunt for anything.
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  8. Thats the thing, so many different ones and no one appears to be able to say this one does everything costs **** all and can send (and receive) to any other IM service (in all the formats you have listed).

    Perhaps a gap in the market!!!
  9. I'm not really that bothered about cross platform messaging TBH.
    If the IM will send music, video and pics, is reliable I'll be happy.
    I have very few contacts I IM with and I'm not on Facecunt or Twatter.
  10. Whats wrong with whatsapp? I send at lot of pics as do my colleagues. So we all use whatsapp to send pics of scrotes to look out for.
    We all have unlimited data so cost nothing extra whereas Photos by sms cost as they aren't included in most text limits
  11. Viber is meant to be ok. I use skype but only for video calls. I find the fb messenger slow and unreliable. Fb and skype are the same system now I think.

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  12. Whatsapp is only free for a year then there's a 99c yearly subscription! So not free, and I suspect eventually the subscription will rise.
  13. I've had whatsapp for at least 2 years now, I've never paid once?
  14. It's on their website! Have you checked your mobile bill to confirm? A 99c charge could have passed unnoticed, it's hardly a large sum!
  15. http://blog.whatsapp.com/