What's your top 3 cult movies?


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I have Quadrophenia, breaking glass and scum. There is a link in this too but not intentionall

Also as we approach the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1 does anyone know of any planned films about it hopefully by a British director?
I mean there has to be one in the pipeline somewhere
Pulp fiction, Trainspotting, Lock Stock...


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whats your definition of 'cult'? some of these choices strike me as fairly mainstream.

for me, Silent Running, Rollerball (the proper 1975 version) and The Warriors.
Brazil, The Warriors, Assault on precinct 13.

Edited to add, the original 'Assault' and also what similar tastes in films Arrsers have, Monsieur Hulot anyone? One of my favourites, but like 'The General' (Buster Keaton0, not a cult film as such
The Blues Brothers,The Warriors,and The Commitments,these have a link too,they all start with 'The' ! :cool:


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Fight Club, Starship Troopers, Heat, pulp fiction...all pretty much Hollywood A -list films I would say.
Gone with the wind, Casablanca and Ice cold in Alex. Dunno about cult, but definate classics


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"Operation Thunderbolt", "The Odd Angry Shot" and "Ran".

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